Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Free shipping in July on Younique Presenter Kits!

Here are some stats:

If you think there is not money to be made with Younique, you are wrong:

"BIG DEAL ALERT! Amy ************ joined Younique less than 5 months ago and has already advanced to its highest rank of Exclusive Black Status! Amy has built a thriving team with unusually high efficiency in her team of 364 with 18 personally sponsored. I am a bit of statistics geek and I can tell you that what I see from Amy's team is a sign of an incredible leader. Congratulations Amy!"

Check this out - 1205 people became Presenters in TWO days!

July 1st & 2nd, 1205 Presenters joined Younique! Needless to say, this Customer Kudos (free shipping on Presenter Kits) is resulting in a very expensive month for corporate. We have received confirmation that this particular "free-shipping on Presenter Kits" will NEVER be offered again. Haha!! So, if you want to take advantage, do it, because there will never be another chance to get the free shipping off your kit. Oh yeah, this company continues to literally explode. Ready to change your life & those around you?

Younique was founded in 2012 (not quite 2 years old yet!) by brother & sister, Derek & Melanie. Younique is currently exploding, with almost 50,000 Presenters world-wide. 12 months ago, Younique was celebrating 999 Presenters & now Younique welcomes that many every 2 and a half days! That's incredible! Currently processes an average of 5,278 orders daily & due to that, they're moving into a new warehouse! Online "social selling", being paid immediately for your efforts (see below) & a 'Youniquely' (haha - made that up myself!) generous, simple comp-plan are some of the reasons Younique is phenomenal. And the products. The products are gorgeous, safe & phenomenal, too. The products literally sell themselves.

Oh, & one last minor detail: YOU GET PAID ON EVERY SALE WITHIN 4 HOURS!! Correct. You get paid on every sale within 4 hours of that sale. Nice, huh?

Ready to join our Younique family? To open your own business, work when you want, have SO much fun with Younique's amazing cosmetics & products - should run you around $105.00 TOTAL! No shipping!

Click here & create your income & future! :)

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