Friday, February 3, 2006


Today Audi ate all of his peanut butter & jelly sandwich. When he finished he said "I did great!". :)

I asked him earlier to go upstairs & get Bentley for me. Bents was coming down the stairs. Audi pointed & said "he right there Mommy". :)

From day one, I have always taught our children that when they are asked to do something, the response will be "sure Mommy (or Daddy), I'll be happy to.". That way, hopefully when asked to do something, we won't hear the griping, moaning or complaining. Bentley is very good using this response that is expected of him & so far Audi says "hap to!". Love it! :)

And the all time favorite with Audi is his "I FINE!!!!!". He'll say this when he doesn't want something. For example, if he doesn't want any more macaroni & cheese, he will shout (& I mean shout!) "I FINE MARONI CHEEZ!!!". So incredibly cute. :)

He also says "oh my gosh!, oh my!, sweet dreams Mommy, Sissy cry, Bentley quit cryin', no Bentley no, stop it Mommy (usually during a tickle episode :), I go play! (he typically shouts this at me), I done Daddy, Kosh outside, I hungry, I want juice, I took a nap". And so much more. He talks very well for his age & has for a long time. He just turned 2. :)

We went to the mall before Christmas just to look around & enjoy the season. On the way, Bentley says "ok, let's get a game plan". Haha! He continued to say "first, we'll get a pretzel. Then, we'll get a cookie!" :)

Tonight I was having him put his own sheets on his bed. He informed me "Mom, I don't have enough power to get my sheet on!". :)

Sometimes when husband & I are talking, Bentley will say "hey, can I butt in?". :)

Adorable, adorable, adorable little creatures! Tonight when I tucked Bentley in, I just stared at him. He's so beautiful. So precious. I told him I will always take care of him & that I loved him more than anything in the world. He just smiled. As I was leaving he said quietly "I love you Mom". Thank you Lord for my darling, darling miracles. :)