Monday, July 27, 2009

Branson '09.

Whew! Posting all these took some time! All of these are unedited - except of the one of Bentley, which obviously, I converted to black & white. In no particular order...

Branson! ☺

She didn't go willingly, we kind of...pushed her down. ;o)

The above photos were all taken on manual. After that, I wanted to enjoy, & not spend time constantly changing my camera settings due to lighting circumstances. So, the rest are all snapshots. :)

Love this of Bentley.

Below - they were both about to vomit by the time I snapped this photo. ☺

The below of Bentley I just ♥ - the expression on his face is priceless! :)

Audi, of course, drove like he'd been doing it for years.

The female, on the other hand, spent most of her gokart time facing the track's metal guide. The guy who operated the gokarts that day - well - let's just say he earned his pay w/ Jags. ;o)

All four - Audi pulling up his britches & Mercedes, being Mercedes. Ü

Mercedes loved this wacky chair. She's cracking up, if you can't tell. :)

The Amazing Pets show - pretty cute.

Oh look! Uncle Craig, again! (The tiny one sitting in the guy's hand.) How is it we almost always see him on vacations? ;o)


And the married couple.

Bentley is all about dinosaurs - anything & everything. Visiting the dinosaur museum was part of his birthday present. :)

We had an AWESOME time! Here's to next year! Destin? Oh yeah! ☺

Sunday, July 19, 2009


I disappeared! We just returned late last night from our Branson vacation. We had a fantastic time! A little eventful, but fantastic! :)

A few little issues that transpired -

1.) 1/2 our room was flooded when we arrived, so we had to switch rooms after we had already unpacked! Not fun @ 9:00 p.m. after an 8 hour drive. With 4 little people in tow. Switching rooms actually worked out better in the long run! :)

2.) Jaguar had a little accident & sliced the skin up & back (& off) above the toenail on her big toe. We doctored it well & thankfully she didn't need to be seen by a dr. It was horrible! She's a trooper. :)

3.) Mercedes had a little fit one night & while I was trying to console her - she head butted me right in the mouth, splitting my lip open & giving me a nice, fat lip just in time for dinner. :)

4.) Yesterday as were to leave - Jaguar woke up with a horrible, horrible cold - but we had to get on the road. She is still sick today & has been in bed all day.

5.) On our trip home we stopped for gas - Jaguar walked under the gas hose while hubby was pumping gas - she knocked the nozzle out & her & hubby got SOAKED with spraying gasoline. Fortunately the Shell station had a shower & they took a shower & changed clothes. Thankfully nothing sparked; my entire family could have perished had anything gone wrong. Gasoline was everywhere!! In the car the gas smell was so strong, we had to stop again & throw away all clothes & shoes, even though we had bagged them numerous times. There is no way we could have traveled the 3 remaining hours smelling those fumes. Hubby didn't like throwing away his tennies. :)

6.) And lastly, Miss Melissa here decided fear was not going to get the best of her regarding her fear of waterslides (bad experience years ago - I thought I was going to drown) - so I sucked it up, prayed a lot & went down an enclosed, twisty, waterslide three times! Woot! The bad news is I must had pulled something during my 'inappropriate' thrushes from the water tubes - as today I am in the worst pain I have ever experienced. We believe I pulled a muscle (severely) or a nerve/something. I thought I was headed to the ER, but as of tonight, I am doing much better! Yippee! And yippee again for conquering my fear of waterslides! Although I wouldn't exactly say I'm ready to ride those suckers again. ;o)

I don't have many photos because my lens would fog over at the indoor waterpark, but I do have a few & I have a few of the little people riding gokarts. I'll try to post them in the next couple of days. Still trying to unwind from our week & I have been slowed down considerably considering (heehee, double whammy) I can barely walk.

But really, does anyone read my blog anymore anyway? I don't think so. If you do, please let me know.

Have a wonderful week! ☺

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Big - Sexy - Hair.

My hairspray of choice right now & has been for quite some time. ♥ it.

For some reason, Bentley has zoomed right in on this bright red can that sits atop my bathroom counter. As you know, he can read & he reads well. Audi cannot yet read, so Bentley felt it his duty to inform my little comedian (Audi) exactly what this can, um, says. ;o)

If it's not daily, it's every other day. My Audi. In the most obnoxious, taunting voice he can find, here he comes right towards me -

"Biggggggggggg, Sexyyyyyyyyyyyyy, Hairrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr"

& off he goes.

I ♥ you Audi. Now shut up.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Her & him.

Here is my Jaguar with her new, short 'do. It's so cute. But it's so not her. I've always said that her big, ol' hair is so much a part of her personality. Since I have had her hair cut off, that has more than proven to be true. :o)

The beautician must have cut off at least 4 inches, if not more. I thought having her hair shorter would be much cooler for Jags, but have recently discovered that when she is playing hard, she sweats just as much. There is really no difference. Which tells me that it wasn't the actual length that was the issue - the problem is that her hair frames & lays on her face so much, that is actually what makes her so hot. But now, because it is so short, I can't pull it up like I could before, to get it off her face. So now we let it grow back out & I'll never have it this short again. She told me she prefers it longer, also. The one thing we are definitely enjoying while it is short is styling it! Holy pickles, it literally takes 5 minutes! Versus 20. She's so beautiful with her long hair (she's beautiful with her short hair, too!), we'll go back to the 20 minute styling. I'm anxious for it to grow back out & for her gorgeous spirals to return! ☺

The below photo shows how silly she is. :) She must not have received the memo - we do not allow skinny dipping! We have no clue where or when she decided it was ok to strip & swim! She has now received the memo. (That's my girl, with her beautiful long hair!) Gosh, this girl is priceless! ☺

I threw a photo of Bentley in, too. No particular reason - just because he's so darn handsome & I love him so much! I could stare at his face all day long. Adorable! (Um, yes, I got a little clipper happy. Why do you ask? :)

Love my children! ♥

Happy Wednesday! ☺