Sunday, June 26, 2011

For Mel.

Jaguar. C3. Loose spirals, but very tight, perfect corkscrew baby hair. Thick.

Mercedes (C4). Tighter (but loose) spirals, same tight, perfect corkscrew baby hair. Much thinner & starting to really loosen/wave at the top.

I am thinking BB3 for both?!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Goodwill goodies.

We hit two Goodwills today & one 'resale'. Did I mention in my last Goodwill post that I'm addicted? I am. :)

Goodwill one:

Flower photo (thought this might look cute in one of the girls' room) - $7.95
Jurassic Park video - $1.00
White creamer - $ .50
Seashells (to put in a clear vase) - $1.19
Aqua table runner (she considered it a 'scarf' so I got it cheaper) - $ .99
Perfect little white shirt - $2.99
Total w/ tax: $15.83
-$10 Goodwill stamps
Total: $5.83 Ü

Goodwill two:

4 books (2 perfect HP hardbacks!) - $ .75 each
Aqua vase - $2.25
Perfect Gymboree dress - $1.99
2 'West Elm' somethings - $4.50 each
Hoola hoop - $1.00
Total: $18


Mason jar - $ .50 (I am addicted to mason jars! I saw on a blog the other day a group of different size mason jars filled a bit with sand/rice/whatever & a lit candle in the middle of the jar. She used them outside on her patio, but I plan to do this & light them every night at dinner. My children will love it. It's the little things. :)

So here, below, are my West Elm finds! So pretty! West Elm! What are they? LOL

In other news - I finally bought some Gorilla Glue! Um, ew! I put way too much in the little split of my white dish cabinet & that darn glue expanded & blew out all the seams! Ha! I did the best I could & I'll sand off any exterior extra. It dried white, too! But it sure did work dandy. :)

When I was at the resale store today, they had the very same cabinet for sale! It was in much better condition than my banged around $17 one, but theirs didn't have a price. Mine has more...character. I hope to finish it up & get to using it this week! Ü

Thursday, June 16, 2011

In progress. Tutorial.

I have decided to sell the awesome desk I bought on Craig's List last year & I'm also going to be selling my black kitchen server (which I love, but black, Melissa?). I may sell a couch or two, too. I came to the conclusion I need to rid some of my items so I can buy more fun junk furniture! :)

My new 'white dish cabinet' is coming along swimmingly! (Heehee - I couldn't help myself.) I have no clue what I'm doing regarding refurbishing, (or heck, 'just fixing', even) furniture. So I do it my way.

Let me start out by saying the Linoleum nails did their job. I assumed, by their name, they were for, you know, linoleum. But maybe not, because I hammered the backing back on the back (say that 3 times fast) of the cabinet & those puppies worked great. I guess the moral of that story is = who cares.

My next order of business was to glue on the bottom left front of the cabinet, where it had come loose/separated:

My plan was to use Gorilla Glue. I don't have any Gorilla Glue (I've never even used it, just seen it on numerous decorating blogs) & considering it's 150 degrees right now in North Texas, I wasn't going to run out to purchase any. So I pulled out ol' faithful:

Never hurts to try, right? So I squirted generously my Elmer's in there & then I needed to very, very, very tightly, secure the pieces back together. I was going to use one of those sophisticated clamp dealys, but I don't have one of those, either. (See a pattern here?) So I made my own sophisticated clamp dealy:

Tada! It has been sitting in this position for almost 24 hours. In a bit, I'll remove my sophisticated clamp & see if Elmer's did it's job. I'm sure hoping it did. And then, the final step. At this point, I think most people (those who renovate furniture) would strip 'er down & refinish to make her all new & pretty. But me? Heavens no. I'm pulling out the big guns & skipping right over that stripping business. I'll be applying Old English. Ü

Monday, June 13, 2011

My new 'entertainment' cabinet.

Ain't she a beauty? Pardon the dirt, she's not cleaned yet. Ü

She's about 4 feet tall. She came with some issues, but who wouldn't that cost $17? At the store, I noticed the shelves are pretty scratched up, but I never noticed the back was taped on. I carefully peeled the tape off, as to not remove the laminent. The side is fine (the other side wasn't taped), but the top didn't weather so well. Anyway, now I need to hammer her back together.

And because I need to hammer her back together, hubby bought me these:

Linoleum nails? Alrighty then. I'll give them a shot. Definite proof we have no expertise in refurbishing furniture. ;o) The front left of the cabinet is also loose at the bottom - I'm going to attempt to reattach with Gorilla Glue. Wish me luck! Ü

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Goodwill goodies.

I have not been thrifting in quite some time & I totally miss it! I admit it has become a full-fledged addiction for me! Maybe it's the challenge - whatever it is - I love it!

Today was a little more difficult because I had 4 tiny people in tow. I am designed in such a manner that when I think & concentrate, I need complete peace & quiet. Silence. That wasn't really feasible today, but I think I had a successful trek anyway. :)

My biggest purchase was an 'entertainment cabinet' with a glass door - it was $34.50 but today was 50% off furniture! So I got that puppy for a whopping $17! Hubby worked really late tonight so we'll have to retrieve it tomorrow. I'll post a photo just as soon as I get it home & cleaned.

Here are the prices for what I did purchase:

Wood Entertainment Cabinet - $17 (will house all my white dishes)
White pitcher - $2.75 (still totally addicted to any/all white dishes)
2 clear bottles - $1.25 @ (still totally addicted to glass bottles - I have no clue why, but I need to stop buying them!)
Cute 'I Love Mom' coffee cup w/ matching lid (?) - $1.25
Brown 'leather' tray - no flaws - $5.95
Levi jeans - $4.00
Silky dragon shirt (yeehaw) - $2.99
Silver metal basket - $1.50 (to house colored, cute washcloths for bathroom decor)
Misc. books & lite brite - $3.00 or so
(I think I got overcharged a dollar or two today, so I need to pay more attention at check out!)

Total: $45

I think hubby is taking both boys to the office tomorrow, so the girls & I will be hitting another Goodwill! Woot! Ü

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Our town has sunflowers everywhere! Since I'm channeling my inner Kelle Hampton & all (ahem), I decided to go cut some! Then I drove home with them hanging out the window 'cause they had bugs all in them. And did you know they sap when cut? They do. And the sap is like super glue. There's some on my leg that I cannot get off & when I got off the couch earlier, some of it came with me. ;o) Currently they're all wilted - pretty sure I killed them all. But aren't they pretty? And they were free! LOL Ü

*Here's an update on the Sunflowers. 'Cause my life is so exciting & I have nothing else to discuss. Ü The pretty, drooping flowers were placed out back, on our patio table, early last night. Bentley is suffering terribly from allergies right now (which I'm sure were enhanced by the Sunflowers) & they started bothering my husband as soon as he got home. I guess they carry pollen, so out they went. Quick. Heehee. :) My leg is still brown (color of my couch) because this sap crap will not come off. It's kind of funny, actually. I just hope it's not permanent. :) Since my good intentions were - epic fail - I do believe I'll purchase the pretty little flower bouquets at Walmart from here on out whenever I get an inkling for fresh flowers. :)

Saturday, June 4, 2011

My 1st grader!

She made it! Woot! It was touch & go there for a while, but by george, she kicked it into high gear the last few weeks & she's movin' on up! Ü

She also pulled her own (top) tooth this morning! Not sure how it happened, but I've been assigned the 'designated tooth puller' here in our home. It certainly doesn't thrill me - but nonetheless, I grab those suckers & yank & then almost pass out when it comes out in my hand. Ew. But today, she just yanked that sucker out herself & didn't even come & wake me up. Baha! Doesn't surprise me. This is the same girl that received 4 shots in her legs (simultaneously) when she was younger & never flinched or made a peep. She's tough! :)