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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Happiness is.

Absolutely love this sweet post! How true this is & how often do we all lose sight?

Click here.

Thank you Leslie, you cutie patootie! Wise beyond your years, love.

It is never, ever too late. For anything. Unless, of course, you need to tinkle & you didn't make it in time. Then, it's too late.

Live inspired! ♥

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Jennifer McKinney, MckMama, fraud.

If you have yet to do so, I encourage you to read the following article regarding Jennifer McKinney (aka "MckMama) & her blatant perjury.

The article was professionally written by Tracy Coenen, a "forensic accountant and fraud examiner in Chicago and Milwaukee who investigates white collar crimes, including cases of financial statement fraud, embezzlement, tax fraud, and insurance fraud."

Tracy has written an accurate, detailed post exposing numerous truths that were intentionally & deceitfully withheld/omitted, by Jennifer McKinney herself, during the creditor's meeting.

You can find Tracy's article by clicking here.

You can listen to the meeting and/or read the transcript here.

It's infuriating, & basically a slap in the face, to those of us who willingly & proudly obey the law & pay our debts. All the while, Jennifer McKinney is $750K in debt, yet still parading around the US, staying in expensive hotels, eating at nice restaurants & visiting expensive theme parks. When is enough enough & when will she finally be stopped? At what length & at whose cost? Her last landlord, at "The Farm", surely suffered & was possibly her most recent victim. Absolutely unbelievable. Yet, completely true. That poor man. You can read further about "MckMama" on MWoP.

*Also included in the bankruptcy is her estranged husband, Israel McKinney, but he is not the owner of "" & he does not claim to be a "Public Figure", as she so recently advertised (that status was changed to "Personal Blog" at the time bankruptcy was filed - coincident?), therefore, I do not include him. In my opinion, after listening to the audio of the creditor's meeting, I feel as if she blindsided him & he was not included in or informed of a lot of her deceit. (which is now an informative site only). As of January, 2014, the new site is

Update! Jennifer McKinney was arrested & taken to jail on January 24, 2014! Read about it here, including a link to all details!

He opened a birthday gift he loved!

So I thought I'd take his photo.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The current state of my ladder shelves.

When I decorated these puppies at Christmas, they were perfect. But alas, Christmas had to come down & life had to go up. And I just cannot get them the way I want them.

I'm totally going brown/turquoise in the front living area, but I just couldn't rid the sweet silver couple statuette I have. Everything else silver went (btw, silver & turquoise look really pretty together, too), but for some reason, I love this little figurine. So it stays.

The cross on the wall (to the left of the shelves) will be coming down & I will be hanging my children's framed artwork. They're all ready to hang, I just don't seem to get into a rush to do things.

And someday - this room will be painted. Because this foyer/living room adjoins my formal dining room, which has forest green & gold wallpaper, I have avoided painting. I have no clue what to do with color schemes, so I've just ignored. Everything I visualize is just gross. Maybe I should worry less & paint more. :) Mercedes' room will be painted first (if I ever get down the dad-blasted wallpaper border), & then this room, & then I have my furniture pieces to refurbish. It seems I'm better at procrastinating than I was aware. Ahem.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Fighting the urge.

I've been browsing quilts. Because I learned the hard way that taking soft, fluffy blankets outside to lie on in the grass is just well, dumb. It's not just people who like those soft, fluffy blankets. It's also grass, leaves, sticks, stickers, weeds & dirt. So I decided that a quilt would work best & because of the material, would be less 'sticky'. :)

During my I really, really, really need a cheap quilt search, I discovered this:

Be still my beating heart. Beautiful! It also comes with a $90 price tag. And I think it might be just a tad too fancy dancy to drag out into the grass, dirt & crud. But I'm unsure. So I'm praying about it. Ahem.

(Can you imagine wrapping up in this beauty on a cold, winter night? Oh good glory. Heaven.)

Quilt here.


I found another pretty! A little more affordable at $65. Looks a little rough & tough & more appropriate to drag around in dirt.

Quilt here.

Never in my life would I have dreamt that I would be quilt shopping. Or posting them on my blog. Why am I posting them on my blog? Funny.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Let's distract. With beautiful dresses!

Who doesn't like beautiful? Who doesn't like pink? Who doesn't like dresses? I know I do! Pink is absolutely my favorite color, with turquoise coming in a very close second.

I think the one below is my favorite. So delicate, soft & feminine. ♥

I don't care for stripes, but I would so wear this dress!

Though not pink, they are exquisite!

I could spend hours just browsing beautiful dresses (& heels!). It's sad to me that life only offers a few opportunities to wear such beautiful creations. Such amazing colors, styles & fabrics.

All images via Google.

*My apologies for last night's tantrum. Ahem. I promise you, I am one of the nicest people you'll ever meet. I would do anything for anyone, whether I knew them 2 hours or 20 years. That's just how I am. I love people. I love socializing. I love the internet. That said, when I feel liked I've been crossed, then I've had enough & I snap. And that's what happened last night. But all is good now. I'm rested & happy & not sick & at peace & joyful. Good things!

Alright, alright. That last (two, actually) sentence was plagiarized. Heehee.

Happy weekend!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Important read for all 'MckMama' supporters.

To all MckMama fans reading here,

You see this picture at the bottom of this comment? This lady and her husband STOLE 4+ months of electricity, propane gas, and other utilities from unsuspecting innocent people, and it is proven in the audio documents of the Creditor's Meeting if you'd like to hear it from their own mouths. They have left the landlord hanging with 4+ months of unpaid bills for him to have to deal with.

They piled 4 months worth of garbage in a barn because they were too cheap to pay for trash removal, instead paying for things like getting the interior of a rental house painted because MckMama didn't like the colors, bought numerous goats and chickens, several pairs of Vibram Five Finger shoes, gym memberships, and other "wants".

This lady also listed on her original bankruptcy paperwork that she is spending $1500.oo a month on rent, but it was determined at this meeting her rent is only $5oo.oo.

She assured the trustee in the meeting she would NOT be spending money anymore on plane tickets and hotels, and a short 22 days later took off on a 2+ week vacation.....staying in many hotels.

She and her husband paid $12,000 cash for an RV and neglected to have it titled ( and insured), because they didn't want to technically own it to avoid paying taxes on it.

MckMama was "caught" lying about how many Paypal accounts she has...accounts she was obviously trying to hide from the bankruptcy court.

She gave away expensive furniture prior to filing so the BK court couldn't sell it off to help pay their debts.

This woman swore with her every being last year that "We are all caught up on our taxes." She said it was not true that they owe . But in fact they owe well over $100,000 dating back 5 years....5 years of unpaid taxes while she went on cruises, 3 trips to Africa, spent $600 a month on airline tickets and hotels, theme parks, 2 cross country RV trips, iPads, iphones, expensive vehicles, cameras, computers, designer clothes, expensive shoes, etc.

She has 2 home foreclosures to her name, and walked away from a third home that she was contracted to.

She was raking in over $200,000 a year and collecting gift cards simultaneously from "fans" who made far less. And she neglected to pay taxes on all that money too!

Jennifer and her husband were making a 6 figure income, but CHOSE NOT TO carry health insurance for their family, resulting in over $80,000 in medical bills that will be passed along to you and me.

Many many many many times, real life has contradicted what Mckmama has posted on her blog. Many untruths were uncovered. Just off the top of my head, Jennifer posted while living at the farmhouse that the kids watched the propane truck filling up the gas tank. It was proven during the Creditor's Meeting that the propane truck was never there the entire time the McKinney's lived there ( she used 4 months worth of the Landlord's propane without paying for it ). As well, she said, under oath, that she didn't start online photography classes until after she filed bankruptcy, when in fact she started them prior to filing...according to her own blog.

Oh my goodness I could keep going. But THIS is the woman you are staunchly supporting and giving a free pass.

Why is MckMama so happy? Because so many of you are STILL under her spell and still forking over your money and admiration to her.

You are supporting her MckMess, and THAT puts a smile on her face.

*This was not written by me, it was written by a member of MWoP. She gave me permission to copy it to my blog, since it's an accurate description of MckMama's fraud. I didn't include her photo, either. :)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Little Hawkins Romo.

Now listen. Don't beat me up, here. But would you look at that baby? Now I'm sure that baby is just as beautiful as can be (one can hope, right?). With two parents that look like that, how could he not? But when I first looked at this photo, I kid you not, I screamed. Out loud. That baby looks scary! Or pissed! Maybe even a little possessed! I mean that kid right there is giving his parents the glare from hell! I'm not sure I'd want to be taking that little sucker home.

Welcome to the world Hawkins! You go on with your bad self!

Thanks People for the image.

Oh happy day!

My dr.'s office called:

All of my numbers are down! WOOT! Yes, even my diabetes risk!

They aren't down tons & some more than others, but they have ALL lowered!

My weight might be up, but my numbers are down! That makes no sense, but ok! I'll take it!

Now, back on the treadmill tonight - no more stalling! And today, I'm going to allow myself a diet coke! Obviously, they aren't harming me too much, because my numbers are are coming down! Just one coke, though. Then water (which I'm already drinking at 9:00 a.m.). Ü

Friday, April 6, 2012

And sometimes parents need to be reminded.

"Teach them to love to discover the earth, this life, this world for themselves. All the entertainment of today - I'm not against it. . . but I guess I just hate seeing kids sit around these days, eyes glued to something, fingers doing all the movement - but true adventure and creativity and living being lost.

Kids have to be taught to know what is good for them."

From: R2W.

Thursday, April 5, 2012


Me: "Do you know what you are? You're a 'tomboy'. Do you know what a 'tomboy' is? Have you ever heard that before?"

Jaguar: "Yep. I said it today to Tom. I said 'hey, Tomboy!'"

OMG. LOL Girl is hysterical. I love her!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Getting' skinny - 4.4.12.

Weight loss: .02 oz.

Saw my dr. this morning. In 8 1/2 months, I've gained 7 lbs. I have not gained weight in years, literally. Day to day my weight may fluctuate, but as far as the end result is concerned, I've always maintained the same weight. Dr. & myself are contributing the gain to me no longer smoking. I'll take that. Though now my struggle is even more difficult, at least I'm not smoking.

Basing my blood sugar levels off my last results, & though I'm not technically diabetic, she introduced me to two different drugs today that would regulate my levels. Even though I don't need the medication, essentially, I 'qualify' for it. The reason she mentioned them to me is because they cause weight loss. She said people who are not in danger of diabetes are calling her asking for a prescription. Ha! Taking the medication would involve giving myself two shots a day. Ack! Don't know if I'm that brave, but I told her I'd research them. I would only take one of the medications - she just gave me two different brands to look in to.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm fixing to indulge into the biggest bag of M&Ms I can get my grubby hands on, & I'll happily rinse them down with a caffeine free diet coke. Tonight, I just don't care. I hope to slip into a sugar coma & then into bed.


M&Ms aren't near as good as I remember. Sweet. :)