Saturday, August 22, 2015

Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar are not to blame for Josh Duggar's actions!

I swear I'm about to blow if I see one more article blaming Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar for Josh's disgusting behavior. Really? Because I'm pretty certain there are hundreds of people sitting in sex rehabilitation centers right this very second that were not raised equal to Josh Duggar. As a matter of fact, I'll go out on a limb here & say that probably 95% of them were not raised like Josh Duggar. They were not "sheltered"; not to the extent he was, anyway. Most were probably raised open & free & free to explore, with 'typical' limitations. So, who's to blame for their choices? Their parents, too? No. Josh Duggar is not the first person to commit such inexcusable acts. Religion, upbringing, society, etc. does not make grown adults make poor choices. Grown adults make poor choices. One person alone is responsible for this humiliating, painful mess (poor Anna) & that's the 27 year old man - Josh Duggar. He obviously needs serious, professional help. Blaming his parents is just another avenue for people to belittle them & they have already endured so much. They don't deserve it.

Reading the bible every day, not watching tv/movies, not hanging with girls who dress like tramps, attending religious conventions, being home schooled, attending church, traveling to speaking engagements, performing musically for others, being on television, not going to the lakes or beaches, giving side hugs, not listening to rap/hip hop/current music, being chaperoned, getting to know someone before contact/marriage - NONE of these things caused Josh Duggar to do what he did. Not one. The children were not homebound their entire lives. They went out in public & they went out a lot. They have eyes, they saw. They have ears, they heard. There are certain things they were sheltered from & they weren't permitted to participate in, but they went out in society, so they knew about them. Have you seen their cousin Amy? Oh yeah, they knew, heard & saw lots of things. She was often in their home & she is anything but classy. As a matter of fact, I can't stand the girl. The fact remains that lots of children are raised like the Duggar children are & I think it's safe to say the majority are mature, responsible, honest, loving, Christian adults. That, too, is a choice. They chose the right choice - to live their lives with integrity. If the things I listed above truly, truly caused harm, there'd be a lot more Josh Duggars in the group of people raised like he was. You cannot argue that there is not.

I supported him after the first scandal in May. No one had any way of knowing this trash was going on behind the scenes - thank God he was exposed!! - so many of us supported him because he had had no other incidents since that young age & we thought (based on what we knew, saw & read) that he had turned his life around. The whole thing is just so heartbreaking, so unnecessary & I pray for Anna, as I cannot image how devastated she must be. I pray for his parents, I pray for his siblings. They didn't ask for any of this & to blame them for raising children in a positive, loving home is just almost unforgivable. They may not have done everything right but by george, neither have we. There is no perfect parent. You love your kids & do what you think is right - you do the best you can do. Growns adults are responsible for their own choices & it's time Josh Duggar is held responsible for his choices, not his parents or family.

Josh Duggar knew what he was doing was wrong. He chose to do it anyway.

I hope you'll join me in praying for his wife & family.

*I just read on TMZ that Josh Duggar also had a profile on OK Cupid - a dating site? So that's in addition to nasty internet viewing (without saying the word), Ashley Madison & now OK Cupid? How much more can there be? OMG his poor wife!

Here's another article re: the OK Cupid profile. Click here.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Blog URL change!

Hi! I don't even know if anyone reads here anymore! Heck, I don't hardly blog anymore! Life is just going lots of different directions. I'm not going to rid my blog, in case I ever want to return to blogging, but I am going to rid my domain. Why continue to pay money for a domain when I'm rarely blogging? So, I'm going right back to my free URL. It works & it's free, & I love free. In a few days, I'm hoping to switch this very blog address to:

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I will probably, eventually, be ridding that page, but I'll keep it until I get my new blog URL all squared away.

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