Saturday, January 31, 2009

Cracks me up.


I opened some stick butter last week & discovered two sticks had been taped together. I actually cut thru one of them just to be certain. Is that not weird? I'll be phoning the company next week.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Thursday, January 29, 2009


No photo.

Unfortunately, I took on this fun project not knowing the unknown. :) Needless to say it wasn't good timing, but I wasn't aware of that then.

I would like to say I will be consistent with my one photo a day, but I know that's not being realistic at this point.

So, I will post when I capture a photo & will get back on schedule at a later date.

I know you all are so disappointed because I know how much you love my photos. LOL Ok, well, whatever. ☺

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


So here we have exhibit A & B.

Exhibit A shows where I store my handy dandy lash divider. LOL Oh look, I've named something else. :) (Btw, I separate my lashes after applying mascara, not before.)

Exhibit B looks like a nail. It's not. It's a straight pin & I do believe I have had that very same pin for about 10 years now. I tell no lies. I always store it in my eyeliner smearer sponge (I don't really think those are the technical terms :) so it never gets lost & the wee ones have no access. ☺


No photo.

10 more quirks.

1.) I prefer to eat luke warm or cold food. I will not eat hot food unless my throat is sore.

2.) I use Post-It-Notes like they are going out of style. One will find them sporadically thruout our home. I cannot live without them.

3.) I cannot sleep @ night without lip balm on & lotion on my hands.

4.) I have taken the same two medications every night before bed for almost 20 years now.

5.) I am allergic to toothpaste & latex. I called my dr. one time & told them they had really crappy bandaides because I broke out everywhere. They then told me I'm allergic to latex. LOL

6.) I'm ambidextrous. I write, eat & brush my teeth with my left hand. I do everything else right handed (all sports, cleaning, etc.). I am stronger in my right arm/hand than I am my left but technically I say I'm "left handed".

7.) Since I was 12 or 13, I have always separated my eyelashes with a needle/straight pin. Never one time have I poked my eye, though I have come close.

8.) Speaking of eyelashes, I have never used an eyelash curler. I used my mom's one time when I was 12 or so, & it hurt so bad I have never in my life picked one up since. PTL I have long, thick lashes that curl on their own! I'd have to use those fake suckers if I didn't.

9.) I have approximately 60+ gift bags. All sizes, all colors & for all occasions. I recycle them, as well as all bows, ribbons & tissue paper. If anyone goes to toss anything out at a celebration, I grab it quickly. :)

10.) I hate Nutcrackers. I have no idea why but they freak me out. Last year @ Target they had a display of them @ Christmas time & I turned them all backwards. :)

So there you have it. More irrelevant info. about me than you ever wanted to know. ☺

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Piper. Now 3 months old. The vet thinks she will be about 60 lbs. She's also getting much more 'fawn' on her - all the other puppies are fawn (as well as her parents) but her & one sister are white. :)


No photo.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Mr. President?

Dear President Obama,

Congratulations on your Presidency! I know you have lots of plans & goals to accomplish over the next four years. Please know I will be praying for you, & your family as well.

Mr. President, I would like to ask you, if you don't mind, if you plan on holding another 'open to the public' shindig anytime in the near future? Because, you know, you're "neighborly like that" & I'm a neighbor! I live in the great state of Texas, but I'm a fellow American; therefore, I'm a neighbor.

I inquire because I would so like to attend your next 'open to the public' party. Will I be coming alone? No Mr. President, I won't. I'm glad you asked.

See Mr. President, I will be bringing along one of my four children. This particular child has always been interested in our country's history, as well as Washington, & I think it would be an extremely exceptional experience for my child. The chance of a lifetime! So my husband & I have decided that said child will come along with me. My child will love it & will be so thrilled!

I do have a favor, if you don't mind, Mr. President. I'm sure no one has ever asked this of you, or even contemplated it. I'm wondering if you wouldn't mind allowing my child the privelege to stay with you & your family, at the White House, just for a short time, while I complete a business venue? My child would be so blessed learning all he can about you & the White House.

I can promise you that my child will be absolutely no bother to you, your family or your staff. I have an amazingly well-behaved child. My child is so precious! You will fall in love with my child immediately & I guarantee you will have a blast! Upon my returning, you will thank me for being able to spend time with my child. You will confirm what I, as a parent, already know. You will tell me how awesome & beautiful my child is. You will tell me that you are so impressed with my child's knowledge! You will tell me how smart, vibrant, intelligent, witty, well-mannered, adorable, funny, imaginative, respectful, full of life & energetic my child is. And you will be exactly correct! My child was definitely hand-picked by God. I love & treasure my child so much! I know you understand that because you are a parent yourself. There are no words to describe loving a child.

You see, Mr. President, my child was adopted. As a matter of fact, all four of my children were adopted by my husband & myself. But this particular child, my child that you got to enjoy & fall in love with in such a short amount of time, was once to be aborted. While still in the womb, his birthmother visited an abortion clinic in hopes of ending her pregnancy. In hopes of finding a solution to her pain. She was ready to make a decision she would have regretted for the rest of her life. Her pain was yet to come.

My child's birthmother, by the grace of God, got up & walked out of that abortion clinic, Mr. President. My child's birthmother, instead, gave birth to my priceless, beautiful child that you spent time with. She chose life, Mr. President, & not murder. My child you spent time with was about to be killed & you, Mr. President, wouldn't have been blessed with his presence. My husband & I wouldn't be parents to said child, & we wouldn't have had the highest honor of meeting our child's birthparents & help them out of a stressful situation. My child is a pure blessing, Mr. President, on many levels & in more ways than one.

You see, Mr. President, I used to be Pro-Choice also. For many, many years. I thought the exact way you do. I was raised that way. And then, Mr. President, I met God. I learned the Bible. And I learned & believe in my heart that God is the only One to call a baby home. God made every life, Mr. President. And I feel confident enough to say, I don't believe God takes His job lightly. It is not a choice, sir, for one to make such a drastic decision to end what God so graciously created.

Mr. President, I pray you reconsider your position. You are in control, Mr. President, to make some decisions to help the helpless live, like my child did. Mr. President, fetus' don't have a voice. My child did not have a voice. His birthmother was my child's voice. And she made the absolute perfect decision! I'm sure it was an extremely difficult decision, but she did what was right. Not what was easy. Mr. President, not only would you save a life, which God created, you will help women all around the world breathe easier. Because once they make the decision to commit such a horrendous act, they have to live with their choice forever. And so many of these women can't see that far in advance. They would thank you, from the bottom of their heart, Mr. President. You see, Mr. President, committing murder doesn't just affect the unborn child. It also involves a hurting woman.

I pray for you, Mr. President. As does my beautiful child you had the privelege of meeting. Can you imagine my child dead, Mr. President? No? I can't either. But because of current laws, a procedure could have been performed to kill him instantly. I pray you have a change of heart, sir. And Mr. President, it is never, never too late to change your mind and/or stance of any situation.

One last thought, Mr. President. Without human life, with all due respect sir, your position of Presidency would be completely non-existent & unnecessary. As well as all of your plans & goals.

Myself & my entire family will continue to pray for you. It would be an honor. Mr. President, could you do me one more favor? Would you please pray about a change of heart, too? On behalf of all those who yet can't speak, & for all those who can but can't see the light because of their unfortunate situation & hurting hearts, we sincerely thank you.

I appreciate your time,

(Mom to four - one of those who could have easily been murdered.)

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Living in Texas, we don't have these often enough.

Then & now.

My post-processing has improved too. :) That said, I hope to never be one who takes advantage of Photoshop. I want a minimal tweak, not a completely-different-look tweak.

This photo was taken in June 2008. I was so proud of this manual photo! And it is a good photo, but a tad dark.

Below is where I tweaked just a little & you can see it's now an even better photo. :)

She's just as cute now as she was then! ☺

Friday, January 23, 2009


Yes, I understand that technically Project365 is a *photo* (non-plural) a day project. However, when one has a child as adorable as this, who can post just one? Not me.

And, to toot my own horn (sorry, but quite honestly, I could use a toot about now) - I'm pretty stinkin' proud of this photo shoot. Which was a quickie. :) I see my progress from when I started way back when (I was so proud of those photos then & now when I see them I shiver...heehee) but - I'm fully aware I have so far to go. Photography is just something fun for me to do. ☺

Thursday, January 22, 2009


I have no idea why this photo is so icky, but here she is! This was a QS - auto w/ flash. She was headed to bed.

She's been walking for about a month, though not consistently. She actually tries to run, going too fast, resulting in stumbling & not going far. She knows she can crawl much faster (& I mean fast!) than she can walk. However, in the last few days, she has really kicked it into high gear & is walking much more stable & more often. :)


Hello, Darlin'.

(Hubby encouraged me to continue my Project365 - so, ok. :)

1-20-09 & 1-21-09.

No photos. This ain't going so good. :(

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sporadic postings.

Not really sure what to say here.

My extensive testing turned into further extensive testing. I was 'there' for hours. The bottom line is I know no more now than I did then (well, sort of I do, but won't go into details). Suffice to say, surgery is in my immediate future.

I don't want to go into details right now. For 2 reasons:

1.) I'm still trying to absorb all of this & I'm waiting for my dr. to phone me after she speaks with the specialist.

2.) There are too many who read my blog (think 'Bentley's school') who are so not welcome into this personal journey I am fixing to embark on regarding my health & life.

I am so distraught on so many levels. I have too much right now on my plate. My dad is in jail. And it's much, much more complicated than that. I have options to weigh regarding my health & I don't know where to start. I need surgery & I have 4 children. That one is self-explanatory. Just too much.

So I've decided to step back from my blog. Postings will be more sporadic until I clear my mind. And should I want to vent/discuss on here (remember I have no one to talk to in person) I absolutely refuse to after what happened w/ Bentley's injury. Private blog for discussing/releasing frustration regarding my health? Make this one private again so I can keep everything in one spot? Keep all 'this' bottled inside? Too many I don't knows. And right now I have not one single answer.

I do have peace & a certain calmness that all will be fine. This won't get me down 'cause it takes a lot to pull me down. I'm strong as strong can be - just confused, frustrated & angry at the moment. I just need to think.

If you can spare an extra prayer for me, I would really appreciate it. And for my family too. They will be just as affected as I will be. I'm not so concerned about myself as I am for my children. Please keep them in your prayers.

I'll be around. And thanks so very much for caring.

Monday, January 19, 2009

I've always loved this one.


How does my carpet stay spot-free? Thanks to this miracle bottle. And maybe the fact that we do not eat or drink any place other than our kitchen table. But accidents happen. Especially with a baby with reflux.

So I use this when duty calls. I have used it for years & years & the one thing I will not nor cannot ever live without is my Bissel Green Machine Carpet Cleaner. Even though my traffic areas are becoming more worn, & I can't prevent that, I can prevent unnecessary spots/stains. And it just gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling inside. ☺

Sunday, January 18, 2009


I did it! Her first official photo shoot. And for her birthday, too. :)

I learned a lot during this shoot but I won't bore you by stating all the lessons learned. ;o) All photos taken on manual, no flash, natural lighting. Yes the white backdrop is a tad gray & it wouldn't have been had I used a flash or up'ed my settings. But I love them! Bye-bye Kiddie Kandids! It's been fun! ☺

Saturday, January 17, 2009


The haircut!

Before: (gosh I think she looks like Destiny here!)

(The photos are horrible! I am disappointed! I intended to switch my camera on Auto - I knew the lighting was going to be awful & I didn't want to mess with settings. Low & behold I forgot to switch the settings & I took the below photos on manual. Which basically means the settings were all wrong for inside this itty bitty salon. Ugh! Nonetheless I lightened them & this is what I got. Better than nothing!)


After: (still wet w/ leave-in conditioner & hasn't curled up yet)

So my Olive Oil I've been using (& love) has been all wrong. :( She said it's good for maintenance, but I should have been using a leave-in conditioner. She told me because both girls are so young & yet to have relaxers, she recommends Pantene's new line for "women of color". Shampoo & conditioner (no need for professional brands...yet). Then, use a leave-in conditioner. Every single time her hair looks dry & needs moisturizing. She said the Pantene line carries that too but I can't find it so I bought something to tide me over.

The lady was nice but not friendly. And you know how I feel about that! She didn't even introduce herself. However, I do believe she knows what she is doing, as she's bi-racial too. She told me the reason she is a beautician is because her mother, who is CC, never knew what to do with her hair. Ha!

Pretty much all she did was cut off Jaguar's dry ends. It's short! It's still cute. After I wash it & style it I'll know better if I like it or not. I know it feels better for her though & that's all that matters. And I won't have to battle it so much! It was really a daily chore, taking 15-20 minutes a day. And heck for $10, we'll be back! Tomorrow I'll use the new shampoo/conditioner/leave-in conditioner on Mercedes & see if it helps her out-of-control troll hair as well. ☺