Wednesday, December 24, 2014

MckMama's house is in foreclosure! AGAIN!

Foreclosure number FOUR! Can you believe it? Who does that? Better yet, what financial institution(s) continue to loan to someone who has multiple home foreclosures? The best news is kids typically love new things, new houses, so they'll handle & adjust to another move just fine. Poor little souls. Have no clue mom mismanages her thousands & all of their homes are being taken away.

Can't wait to see where their next home is! Will she be capable of scoring a new financial lender for financing? Will someone owner finance for her? (Which is how the red (ok, pink) barn started out - owner finance.) Will she rent, with 5 kids & 2 labrador dogs? We'll have to sit tight for 6 months or so to find out.

The scoop:

Our lovely, professional Tracy Coenen did another little website post & you can read all about it here.

You can catch up on all the extras (& have many laughs!) on MckFacts, here.

Merry Christmas!