Tuesday, January 13, 2015

My word of the year.

I wasn't going to choose a 'word of the year'. I don't do New Year resolutions or any of that. In my opinion, if you want to do something, change something, then do it. You don't need a specific date, or reason, to do so. Several years ago, I hopped on the bandwagon with everyone else & I did choose a word of the year. I believe it was TRUE. Loved it! And promptly forgot about it by January 10th. Well, it was good while it lasted.

Earlier, I was thinking about something I wanted to do & the word ACTION just popped in my head. I mean, really. How many things do you want to do? Whether it be pay bills, dust the top of the cabinet, paint furniture, find a new career, travel the world - big, small, whatever. We all have our desires & lists. But without action, those wants are going to stay wants. Those lists are going to remain long. Those bucket lists ain't gonna be completed. Everything takes action. I want to lose some more weight. Well, I better get back on my low-carb'ing if I want that to happen. Better take action. I want to start walking again & lifting some weights. Well, I better take action if I want that to happen. I want to get my family a piano. Well, I better take action, because God's not going to drop one down on my doorstep. And so on.

Though I don't really participate in this word thing, I think I will. Because I'm the type of person who constantly needs a kick in the butt. A nice, hefty, visual reminder. Not only that, ACTION is a great word for my kids, too! They need to be reminded that results take action. #winning

Here's to 2015 & a year full of ACTION! I got this. Do you? :)

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Always apply your mascara to clean lashes!

Thought I would share an important beauty rule of mine, especially for those of you who love your lashes! I learned this thru trial & error. I am very fond of my lashes, so I treat them delicately. Treating your lashes harshly is like treating your face harshly - you're going to do damage. Your lashes do & will fall out, so be gentle! Lash tip: NO hairspray! When you apply your mascara, be sure to do so on clean, dry lashes. So much as one brief, light coat of hairspray overspray will hinder optimal results. No matter what brand of mascara you use, your natural lashes need to be clean & receptive. Your mascara wand should effortlessly glide over your lashes, so be sure to apply it before doing your hair. If for whatever reason I must apply a light spray of hairspray before I've done my lashes (which is like, rarely), I totally cover my eyes/face with a washcloth & spray with the other hand. When my makeup is complete, I come back & either add more coats &/or restyle my hair. Try applying your mascara before using hairspray & let me know if you see a difference! Pretty sure you will! ❤

Monday, January 5, 2015

Anti-aging Retin-A!

To fight natural aging & wrinkles, I finally decided to go with full strength Retin-A. It's on its way! I'm so excited! Because I have never used this product before, I started with a lower dosage, until I see how my skin reacts. Retin-A (also known as Tretinoin) can burn your skin, so one must be really careful. I plan on using it at night, so I'm on the hunt for a day moisturizer. I hope to find one with Retinol & SPF. I will not go without SPF on my face, ever. Retinol doesn't work as fast as Retin-A - that's why Retinol products are allowed over-the-counter. It's not as potent & it takes longer to see results. I'm fine with that since I'll be using my Retin-A at night. Currently looking into StriVectin. I LOVE beauty products! At 47 years young, game on!


I ended up ordering Tretinoin (same thing) .1% instead. .1% is the strongest treatment, so I'm a little apprehensive, as I only wanted to start with .05%. Now, I'll really be sure to take it nice & slow until I see how my skin reacts. The last thing I want is extreme burning.

Still excited to get started & I'll be checking out StriVectin this week! :)