Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bed jumper.

Let me narrate for you. ☺ I start laughing because hubby is to my left, jumping & spinning while Mercedes is jumping & spinning. Then, you see his funny, dork self lunge on her. Which they both thought was hilarious. The tape is then cut while he gets a rear chewing. ☺ Do you hear the background music? That is Audi, SINGING IN THE SHOWER! LOL He always sings in the shower & he had no idea I was taping Mercedes. ☺

Those are jammies on backwards (with the feet cut off). She can escape two or three wrappings of duct tape around her diaper, so we have no choice but to dress her in this attire @ naptime. It's quite a nuisance, really. I had to wake her from her nap today, so I didn't put her clothes back on. At bed time, we put socks on her, then footie jammies, then jammies with the feet cut out on backwards, in hopes of keeping her warm. I allow her to have a blanket now that she is older, but anything in her bed besides her Taggie gets thrown out. Anything extra doesn't have the privilege of sleeping with her. ♥

I must be doing something wrong.

This pertains to photography. Contain your excitement. ☺

You have seen me comment before that people left & right are purchasing a DSLR camera & wham! - they are now "professional" photographers, in business. That alone is pretty self explanatory, but there is one area I just don't get. Hence, I must be doing something wrong.

Alot of professional photographers are moms. Stay-at-home moms. Moms of one or two young children - many the mother of three or four young children. Although I am certainly not a professional photographer, I can tell you that scheduling sessions & editing (mostly editing) & submitting print orders takes an unbelievable amount of time. #1.) I certainly could also be a professional photographer, if I would devote more time (& a build a little confidence, which I am lacking) but 2.) where in the world are these mom photographers finding the time to handle all that comes along with being a professional shooter? It's a package deal, & a hefty one at that.

Most that I know of are stay-at-home moms. Whose cooking breakfast? Whose paying bills? Whose bathing the children? Whose doing the laundry & washing sheets? What about lunch? Dinner? Reading stories? Helping with homework? Shopping for groceries & necessities?
Running to the post office? Dropping & picking up children from school? Talking & spending time with their children? Asking how their day was & actually listening to the responses? Playing Connect 4 (lol)? Cleaning floors & toilets & tubs & showers & loading/unloading the dishwasher, dusting & vacumming? Taking care of sick children? Doctor/dentist appointments? Etc., etc.

How in the sam hills are all these other mothers currently able to participate in a profession that I too love & also hope to participate in one day? Because I just don't get it! There is absolutely no time for me to devote to shooting sessions (an hour or more), editing photos (several, if not many, hours), showing proofs to clients (roughly another hour), sizing all photos in order to fit what the client wants to order, & then actually submitting/uploading the order (also time consuming, depending on how it's done). Oh I certainly could, but I will never chose photography over my children & their wellbeing. Heck, I even tweeted the other day that I haven't even picked up my camera in weeks! I have 3 three children who just had birthdays & I have yet to take their birthday photos. I can't even fathom trying to photograph other families & all the countless hours that entails.

So does that mean these other moms have nannies? Housekeepers? Stay-at-home husbands (doubtful)? Grandmas? Are they living with no sleep? I can tell you that all of them I am referring to make a nice sum of money from their photography business. However, the end result of their sessions leaves little to be desired. Obviously their clients don't know any better, because they pay them anyway. That to me is just sad.

Recently I have run across a few moms who too have jumped on the professional photography bandwagon. Seriously. And they have done many, many sessions! Actually, I was a tad shocked! And, they have very young children! Someone please, please, enlighten me. Let me know the secret. Because I find this all very frustrating! I must be doing something wrong.

Monday, January 11, 2010


I have been trying to get a good photo of Cassie. Alas, I have been completely unsuccessful. These are simply snapshots I took Saturday after she went to the butcher beauty shop. Her hair bows lasted a whopping 2 minutes. And her haircut is hideous. I wanted her kept semi-long. As you can see, that is not what she got. Will try again next time.

At the vet yesterday, she weighed between 5 & 6 lbs. (that was with her polka dot sweater on :). Their scale is not that accurate for tiny animals. She should be completely full grown now that she is just over 1 year old. She got tired of me snapping photos - I caught her mid yawn. Ü

I ♥ her.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

My first video!

Yay for me! This is a "nothing" video. Just took it tonight to see if I could get the ball rolling. And I did! The quality is not too sharp, & obviously when I uploaded I messed up the beginning but hey, I had to start somewhere! Now I can post more & more & more...

Audi has the most vivid imagination I have ever witnessed a child possess. It's unbelievable (literally) & amazing. And it will drive a person nuts! He's pretty cute though. I'll keep him. ☺

Monday, January 4, 2010

My cute Jaguar.

My beauty. I feel like she's been left out of the loop. She is alive & well, just like the others. ☺

She is 5 now. Sniff, sniff. Still my tiny, delicate girl. Extremely quiet. Doesn't make a peep. Very leary. Reserved. Until she gets to know you. Then, look out. ☺

Still very traumatized by loud noises. Before she turned 5, I finally put 2 & 2 together. I do believe she has a sensory disorder. I'm slow sometimes. ;o) Very terrified of public restroom "hair dryers" & begs, begs, begs us not to turn them on. And we don't. Hates typical hair dryers. Thank goodness she has curly hair. Covers her ears when the toilet flushes. Pleads with us not to drive thru a car wash. Again, we don't. I have never discussed her issue with a physician. I figured she would outgrow these fears. It's become quite apparent she hasn't & I don't foresee it happening. I do plan to talk with a doctor, as I believe she has a few other symptoms, as well.

She has no desire to learn. Anything. This concerns me. I hope to kick it into high gear soon, whether she wants to or not, because she's to start Kindergarten in August! She wants to go to school, she's so excited to start school, so hopefully I can use that to my advantage. ☺

She is adorable. And I adore her to pieces! Cannot imagine my life without her in it. ♥

(Photos are all snapshots, b4 she turned 5.)