Friday, October 30, 2009

Something cuter to look at.

I took Cassie out yesterday at 6:30 p.m. ( = still daylight) & found this cutie perched atop our fence. I was standing about 2 feet from her when I snapped this. Too cute! ☺

Friday, October 23, 2009

Dr. or no Dr.?

Thursday evening after she fell: (That is not blood under her lip, that is actually immediate bruising from smacking her mouth on the marble. She also has bruising under her chin.)

This morning (Friday):

I am not at all happy with the way her mouth looks this a.m. My main concern right now is infection.

**Two days later, I finally got to the bottom of Jags' injury. Evidently, she fell on the carpet, not the marble. I wasn't understanding that because this is such a nasty injury. She was running, tripped on a toy, & busted her mouth on the tv table on the way down. Even though I can't stand looking at it, her mouth is in really good condition today. Still gross, but even the swelling is dissipating. I've laid off the Motrin. My girl is such a trooper. ☺

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Michael Jackson tribute.

Did you see it? I thought it was awesome! Be sure to scroll down to the bottom of my page & click off my Playlist before viewing video. ☺

For the love of Barmops.

I am probably the last to discover these little jewels! Oh how I ♥ them! :)

Back when I was attempting to eliminate paper towels, I purchased some of these to use as napkins. However, I don't care for napkins & these seemed so much more absorbent. Now, I just keep buying more & more & I love them! I use them in the kitchen anytime I need a paper towel (or, almost anytime I need a paper towel, rather - depends on the chore). I wipe my hands on them while cooking, so I don't constantly dirty my kitchen towels. I drain fruit on them, instead of placing the strainer on a paper towel. When I spray my Clorox Anywhere, I use these instead of paper towels. The list goes on & on. ☺

At Wal-Mart, for a pack of 8, they cost approximately $5.98. Considering how long they last, that's quite a bargain! Use, use, wash, bleach, use & reuse! Awesome!

You know me, when I really appreciate a less expensive product, I'm all about sharing! So go get you some! ☺

**What the heck does 'barmop' mean anyway...?

Monday, October 19, 2009

The 'you're boring me' look.

This is just a snapshot I took on one of our gloomy days. ☺

I blew it way out so you could see her hair. Her spirals are really starting to form! So cute.

She looks like such a kid here - the baby in her is fading fast. Sigh. 21 months here. She is so precious & she still has the most perfect lips! :)

My car. :)

Monday, October 12, 2009

I just wanted to pay my car payment.

Today I had a "stupid" day. As in, I was such a doofus - I just wanted to pay my car payment. Today.

My first car payment (for this car). Bank is right across the street - literally (ok, right across a few streets, rather). So here we went. I pulled up, & noticed 2 of the 3 blinds were pulled at the drive thru. Hmm. Well, maybe 2 lanes weren't working. After all, the lights inside the bank were on. And I swore I saw people exiting the main entrance. I sat there thinking for a minute, all the while wrinkling my nose. I dunno. I was confused. So I left.

Down the road we went. Looking for the same bank, different branch. Why? I dunno. Ok. Never found another branch, but found several other banks. Open. Yes, open. People going in & out, drive thru lanes open & occupied. Hmm. So see? The bank I attempted to pay my car payment at must have been open. I thought so. Back we went.

Same song, second verse. 2 of the 3 shades were still pulled at the drive thru. Hmm. By now I was getting frustrated - I just wanted to pay my car payment. Come on people, work with me! Alright. Maybe they are closed. I'll just drop the darn thing in the ATM machine. So, I got in line. While waiting for the car in front of me, I spotted a big, metal "Depository" box on the side of the building. Ah hah! I can toss it in there. So, I backed out of the ATM line (making those pulling in behind me come to a halt), hopped over the curb (or, 2) & pulled up in front of the Depository box. I tugged. And pulled. And yanked. And fiddled with it. And pulled some more. And obviously, according to my 8 1/2 year old, somewhere along the way I screamed "this is crap!" For whatever reason, the dang box was locked. So, I then got back in the ATM line & waited. And waited. And waited. I just wanted to pay my car payment. Today.

Finally. I pulled up to the ATM machine. Only to find out, there is no longer a slot for envelopes. Yes, my car payment was in the envelope. At that point, I said a few choice words. Told the bank to shove it. And started to drive off. Again.

Ah hah! Wait! The lobby! Surely the front foyer, which is open because it houses another ATM (I guess 2 machines outside isn't enough), would have a drop box & I could toss my car payment in it! WOOHOO! Oh boy. I pulled my beauty of a SUV up front. I blocked all handicap parking spaces. Go ahead & give me a ticket, by george, who cares! I was paying my car payment!

I go to step out of my car. Sign on the door "Closed Monday in observation of Columbus Day". Um, by now I had kind of figured that out. No problem! I'll just go right in the foyer & toss my car payment in the drop box. Until I spotted another sign. "Swipe your ATM card here to gain access to foyer". Sweet! But we don't bank there.

I got in my car & came home. With my car payment. Screw it. It can be late.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Mercedes' photo shoot 9.27.09.

20 1/2 months & growing way too fast. ♥

(The one below is the same as the one above - hubby wanted to see it in color, even though there is a little leaf on her eyelash.)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


How cute is she? She is awesome! So precious. This is just a snapshot - will try to take some more tomorrow after I bathe her. ♥