Friday, September 26, 2014

I no longer sell Shaklee.

Just a reminder - I have officially resigned from selling Shaklee products. I am so in love with & so successful with Younique, I just didn't have time (as well as many other reasons) for Shaklee any more. That said, I still have a lot of Shaklee posts on my blog, but the links are no longer active. I will leave my posts because they are loaded with awesome information. If you are interested in purchasing the products, please find a distributor in your area. Thank you! :)

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Choose your Younique Presenter Kit!

Well hello! I'll be honest - I'm super busy because my Younique business is hugely successful! Truly so successful, I make money every day & selling makeup is so much fun! I had no idea it would be this simple.


Younique Presenter Kits are changing 10.1.14! Same price of $99, but contents are changing. If you want all the colors of the blush/concealer/pigments in the current kit - get it before Oct. 1. No monthly quotas, no autoships, no website fees, $25 free birthday money & make commission (get paid within 4 hours) on every sale, including your own orders! There are many top leaders making a lot of money…get this…who never wore makeup before! No kidding! That is inspiring. I have a meeting next week & even though I don't use/wear all the colors, I'll be taking my entire kit to show her the Younique line.

Click here to get yours!

Younique is still not quite 2 years old yet. Last year, there were 999 Presenters. As of today, there are almost 100,000! Can you believe that? There is a reason for that! If Presenters weren't successful, if the products were not good - this growth wouldn't even be possible. It's because Younique, as a company, is delightful. Presenters are so successful. The cosmetics & products are so effective, comfortable & amazing.

I want my Younique organization to be huge! Get your presenter kit & start your own organization - there is tons of training & we'll do this together! All of us, because we are a family. Yes, we are a family. And that's just how it should be. Click the link above & just do it! I promise you, for $99, you will not regret it. Heck, call me & I'll help you! I LOVE people! 817.300.7755. That's how much I love Younique & that's how much I want others to be successful, too. :)

Click here to shop! Happy shopping! :)