Sunday, April 10, 2011

My first 'professional' photography shoot.

My photography is simply a hobby for me. I discovered a few years ago that I ♥ natural light photography & slowly I began experimenting & researching. I have tons yet to learn. Like I mentioned in the post below, I've had a few people ask me to take photos for them, but I have yet to reach that comfort level. Sadly, though I so appreciate their offer, I declined.

Jaguar's team had their soccer photos taken by the same professional photography studio that has taken the association's photos for years. This year, the studio took photos of 65 teams without their CF card. Snort. Obviously, there were no photos. So Jag's coach suggested we all get a refund & have a parent take them. For whatever reason, hubby got a wild hair & volunteered my services. Without my knowledge. Pfft. (I refer to it as a "professional photo shoot" because 1.) I shot for non-family & 2.) I did replace the hired professional company. ;o)

So I went with it, after informing all of them I am certainly no professional, but would give it my best shot. And that happened Saturday. And I did it! I enjoyed it. I was extremely nervous, especially since everyone was staring at me. I'm not used to that. But I took my time, changed out my lenses & adjusted my settings & took my time doing it. The photos turned out super. Whew! Answered prayer! Ü

I took a few group photos & some individual shots/different poses of the girls. The wind was horrendous & the girls' hair kept blowing in their face. Right as I was about to snap the above, two moms noticed her hair blew in her face & they both went to brush it aside. I was looking thru my camera & thought 'oh, that's cute!' & without any thought, I just snapped the shutter. Heehee. Love it! It's actually my favorite.

Where this photography takes me is yet to be known. Like I said, I have so much to learn. But it's fun & I enjoy it - so next time someone is sweet enough to ask me to take their photo(s), if I can muster the courage - I'm gonna say yes. Ü

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