Thursday, January 19, 2012

Her dream came true.

My girl is a dancer. It comes naturally. And because I adore dancing, I couldn't be happier. ♥

Last Saturday was her first trial class. She dove right in & danced like she's been doing it for years. Not a lick of intimidation. No bashfulness. Just determination & drive.

She got really tickled when it was time for tap dancing. She had no idea that's what came after ballet. Ü After witnessing what I already knew was going to transpire at her first class, hubby & I forked over our life savings & signed this precious girl up. ♥

This Saturday, I'll try to get better photos. There are only 2 tiny windows for parents to peek through, & some motor mouth mom hogged the corner I needed to get good photos of Mercedes. Saturday I'm taking duct tape. ;o)

Lack of blogging is blamed on my husband, who yet again has been in Europe, this time for almost 7 days. I've been a little busy. But what a complete blessed busy it's been. ♥


Tricia said...

You need to get some video of that little sweetie!!

Shayna Embry said...

That's awesome! Glad she enjoys it so much!!

Bridget said...

Your little ballerina girl is gorgeous!

Kriss said...

Now u know how I feel seeing Brit dance!!!!