Monday, August 3, 2015

Blog URL change!

Hi! I don't even know if anyone reads here anymore! Heck, I don't hardly blog anymore! Life is just going lots of different directions. I'm not going to rid my blog, in case I ever want to return to blogging, but I am going to rid my domain. Why continue to pay money for a domain when I'm rarely blogging? So, I'm going right back to my free URL. It works & it's free, & I love free. In a few days, I'm hoping to switch this very blog address to:

Just in case that doesn't work (I won't know until I try), be sure to follow me on Facebook: & I will post updates with the new URL address.

I will probably, eventually, be ridding that page, but I'll keep it until I get my new blog URL all squared away.

I'm on Instagram & Twitter, too!

Twitter: adoringsimple

Instagram: Adoringthesimple

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