Sunday, December 12, 2010

Goodwill goodies.

I can sum this trip up quick: Score! Ü

Orange Gap button: $2.99

3 Nike: $2.99

1 Mini Boden: $1.99!

Abercrombie: $1.99!

Ralph Lauren red/blue paid button: $2.99

Arizona red plaid button & black hoodie: $2.99@

Target monkey lounge pants: $1.99

Spiderman: $1.99

As you can see (hopefully), all clothes are like new or in immaculate condition. I don't purchase if they have stains or if they are 'worn'.

Little metal star tree topper: $2.00 (I will glitter spray it & use it for decoration :)

Mikasa little crystal bowl: $3.00

3 Junie B. Jones books: $2.25

Total: around $40

$10 off: Paid total: $30

Can I get a yippee? Yippee! :)


Launa said...

Whoohoo! Nice job! Super cute clothes!
Thanks too for your comment. I know there are a lot of women who feel this way and it's nice to know other understand!

Bobbi Janay said...

Great day.

Bridget said...


Myssie said...

Wow! Those are awesome scores!! well done!