Saturday, January 8, 2011

Jaguar turned 6!

New Year's Day - 1.1.11. (Love that date!)

I kid you not when I say, I could stare at her all day long. Ü

Daddy helping read her birthday cards. Ü

Zoobles! Ü

Barbie convertible! Mom wants a real one of these. ;o)

Yep, cupcakes for her, too! Ü

This last photo kills me. She was totally freaked out by the flame. LOL Eventually, she did blow it out. Ü

My girl. I'm telling you. She is something else. Doesn't do her work in school, because she "doesn't want to". She is so laid back & just has the 'I don't care' attitude. I love it. She's actually making great strides in school. This girl can turn on the tears in a split second. For example, we're talking about the snow that may come tomorrow. In the middle of all the family excitement, Jaguar will break down hysterically & exclaim "Emma didn't like my pants". LOL She does this sort of thing constantly. I'm actually somewhat afraid to enter the teen years with her. ;o) But most of all? She's hilarious. She beats to her own drum (ahem) & that makes her, her. She is very sensitive, but a lovable, happy, healthy little girl who loves anything funky & mismatched. She is loaded with fun. Witnessing her journey through life is going to be very interesting (& very eventful, I'm sure) & I'm honored to have a front row seat. I better hold on tight. Ü

To my Jags, I adore everything about you. I love you so very much! Happy Birthday! ♥


Kriss said...

I think she has the most perfect formed glossy lips. So strikenly beautiful! Happy Birthday!

Bridget said...

Happy birthday Jaguar!

Sailor and Co said...


(I wish I was near and could photograph your beauties!!!!!!)