Monday, November 21, 2011

How I keep the glass on my kitchen table from sliding.

I think I mentioned that when we got our new (to us) kitchen table home, we discovered there was a cap missing that goes on the bottom. Or maybe the top - we aren't sure. They're interchangeable. Nonetheless, we had 5, but needed 6. What to do.

We rigged it for the time being, also knowing we would need slip-proof adhesives to keep the glass from sliding around.

Hello Target. Hello $1.99 per package -

Tada! For $4.00, I killed two birds with one stone! I am genius, I tell you! Genius! (cough cough)

I took off the five top caps & I popped these puppies into place. They fit absolutely perfectly! They are the perfect size to fit down in the groove (I'm not a genius when it comes to technical terms ;o) - nice & snug & these bad boys aren't moving. Neither is the glass that is resting on top of them! Ü

I couldn't get a good photo due to reflection, but I hope it's clear enough so you can see how I tucked them inside, where the caps screw in. I can't say I love how they look (& they're black) but, it's more important that the glass stay secure than it is that they look pretty.

I love this table. It was worth every penny! A piece of paper stuck to it the other night, & I wiped it right off. I did a glitter project with Jags the other night & I got glue on the glass. It too wiped right off. The kids stuck their Bendaroos to it today & with a little Goo Gone, the wax wiped right off too! It's a beautiful table, very modern & sturdy. High maintenance, yes, but so am I, so sometimes some things are worth the trouble. ;o)

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