Monday, April 8, 2013

Desiring: Beautiful.

I'm discovering the more sophisticated (read: 'older') I become, the more I desire beauty. I desire peace, calmness, tranquility. I desire serenity. Love in abundance. In my home. In my yard. In my mind. In my heart. In my surroundings. In my life.

Some may think that's a pretty unrealistic goal, but it's mine. And I think it's completely attainable. I want my house immaculate. I want my yards to have beautiful curb appeal. We have so much clutter, still. Even though I'm weeding through it, we've accumulated a lot of stuff over the years. A lot of unnecessary stuff. I presume it will continue to be a work in progress for quite some time & that's ok. I want clutter-free. I want neat & orderly. Everywhere.

It doesn't take money to accomplish this goal. It takes time. Caring. Being grateful. Appreciating what you have & taking care of it. Learning to rid & sort through things as they enter, wherever that may be, & putting it where it belongs, right then. It involves not letting it enter at all, if it's not necessary, to begin with. Whether that be your home, your heart, your job. I desire happiness. Being content. Satisfaction.

I desire no negativity. No untruths. No falseness. I'm realizing those things truly have an unfavorable effect on me, so they aren't welcome. I don't have to 'accept' anything. I don't have to accept manipulating, deceitful, dishonest people. Whether that be acquaintances or family - I don't care. I wish them well but please, go away. Promptly. I think in life there will always be things that are upsetting. Little rants every now & then are to be expected. So do it. And then let it go. Move on.

(I snapped this photo on Saturday, when we visited a carnival. I took this with my iPhone. Love it.)

We've had a very busy last couple of weeks. I suppose, at times, busy will be unvoidable. I honestly believe that during chaos, it's possible to remain calm, to maintain order & just address one thing at a time. My to-do list is unbelievable. Ridiculous, really. Things I must do. Things I want to do. I tend to get overwhelmed & anxious. I'm going to release that. It'll get done. It always does. Stressing or worrying about it doesn't make things get done any quicker. So I no longer desire to spend my time fretting.

I have so many blog posts lined up. I'm going to continue blogging my 'Desiring: Beautiful' journey.

I want our beautiful home to be more beautiful. This involves organizing, continuing to declutter, cleaning, painting, freshening. Our house is not always spotless. It probably never will be, but that doesn't mean I won't continue to strive for it. Clean makes me happy. Pretty makes me happy. Reduces my stress. Provides me with contentment. *Clean & pretty does not mean expensive.

This weekend we were so busy & on the go. Our eating was not good. Not healthy. At times like this, it weighs very heavy on me. I don't like it. I desire to get more organized, more prioritized on healthy meals for us during busy times. We've made great strides in our eating. Now I need to refine it to include healthy meals when we are short on time. Another goal that is going to take planning, but again, is attainable.

I have a lot of work ahead of me. Because beautiful awaits.

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