Saturday, September 21, 2013

I'm glampin' my campin'!

I scored at Walmart tonight! I went down the clearance aisle & helloooo glamping!

Block out, thermal curtains for the main two windows (they only have a clear plastic cover) - $12.00 for two!

Lamp (it's a black shade!) - $5.00!

Silver trash can - $.75 cents!

Christmas lights - $5.98 (not on sale). I bought the wrong ones - these are 'cool white' & I need white white. Will be buying more but will keep these because I can use them somewhere else!

Little black & white chicken is mine, I just borrowed him for embellishment. ;o)

The best part? I've been selling stuff that we don't need or use anymore & I used that money to pay for this stuff! I haven't dipped into our 'responsible money' yet! Winning!

Up next: removing the covers from all cushions & mattresses & give them a good washing, disinfecting all foam (cushions/mattresses), buying foam mattresses to put on top of the foam mattresses (lol - unless in a hotel, I have a phobia of sleeping on top of things other people have slept on!), sheets, & some sort of slip covers for all the table cushions because they are UGLY. I don't do ugly. :)

Can't wait to hit up Goodwill to see what I can find! This is FUN!

We only live once! Live out loud & don't worry about what others think! Took me a long time to figure that out! :)

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RED {Michelle} said...

I love it - and wish I could find the shades for that price. Great job :)