Monday, September 9, 2013

A glamping we will go!

Have you heard yet of glamping? It's camping, all glammed up! And right now, glamping is HOT!

So cute!

Love it! Some of them are a little overkill, but cute nonetheless! Images above came from Oh a glamping & a camping we will go!

We LOVE to camp! We are tent campers. It gets too hot in Texas, so our time is limited as to when we can go & what we can tolerate. Guess what we bought last weekend? Now we can camp whenever our little hearts desire!

Is she not the cutest? She's a little rough, so go easy on her. :)

She needs a little work.

(Pardon my dirty fan. It's one I keep in the garage & just tossed in there.)

The inside is in really good condition! A little better than the outside.

We love it! And it's ours!

Now I know being it's a pop-up, I can't glam it that much. But I can glam it some, right? Yes!

Someone asked me on Facebook if I was going to paint the walls. Hysterical! :)

It was really musty from being closed up, so we opened it up to air that puppy out. We plan on keeping it open, in the garage, when not in use to avoid the musty smell. Canvas can get pretty stinky. Other than the airing out, we have some repairs to do, a lot of cleaning in & out, & little glamming up & then we are out of here! We can't wait!!

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