Saturday, February 8, 2014

Jennifer McKinney went to JAIL! And regarding her "sponsored child"...

Yes, yes indeed. Jennifer McKinney done got herself hauled off to jail on January 25, 2014. Israel got a break this round! All the details can be found here: From what I understand, the audio 911 call, as well as the written police report(s), have already been requested & should arrive soon.

I have one hope - I hope someone is watching out for those five children before one of them gets caught in the crossfire. Thanks to public records, it appears that Domestic Disturbances (with either mom or dad being carted to jail) are becoming quite frequent in the McKinney household. This is number 4 total, I think. Her current arrest violations - 1.) Criminal Damage to Property, 2.) Disorderly Conduct & then on another report, 3.) Domestic Abuse is reported with the first two offenses.

More interesting (dishonest) information:

In a couple of weeks, Jennifer McKinney & her eldest son are (were?) heading to Africa. While there, she's been claiming they will be visiting with their Compassion International sponsored child, Frankline. She even bought a t-shirt for him! See?

Her hashtag on that Instagram photo, which was posted 3 days ago: "#forKieranandFrankline" 3 days ago = Wednesday, February 5, 2014. But on, there is a response from Mr. Shaun Groves, a representative of Compassion International, stating:

I am unaware of McKinney's trip to Africa. She has been barred from
sponsoring a child through Compassion and does not partner with or
represent Compassion in any way.

If she is claiming to be taking a trip with Compassion to Africa I would appreciate you sharing those details with me.

I read the mugshot comments and see where the misunderstanding came
from. Someone mentioned Jennifer will be traveling to Africa with
another organization. Then someone else wondered if she'd be visiting
her Compassion sponsored child. In short, no. I personally canceled her
sponsorship. We would not arrange a visit between Jennifer and her
FORMER sponsored child. She will not be traveling with or partnering
with Compassion in any way now or ever.

This conversation transpired today, Saturday, February 8, 2014. But she just posted 3 days ago that she will be visiting with Frankline…? Hmm. More dishonesty.

Now click the link at the top to get all the juicy details. And pray for the McKinney children. They need it.


Elisabeth said...

Just noticing you put "Saturday, February 11, 2014" when I think you meant February 8th. ;)

Melissa :) said...

Oops! Thank you! :)