Monday, August 4, 2014

Younique's August Customer Kudos & an overdue update!

Well hello! I have come to the conclusion that my blogging will not return to normal, or consistent, until my kids return to school. I know I say it every summer but good heavens, it's so busy here! School starts in three weeks & I'm in official freak-out mode. We still need to finish our summer fun & there's still so much to do to get four children ready & prepared for the return of school.

My blog has changed just a bit, due to the fact that I no longer market Shaklee products. I love Shaklee & I still have my Distributors & members, but I am no longer accepting new Distributors, members or customers. I love them all & am so thankful for them! It was a wonderful Shaklee ride for 2 years & I will forever use their incredible products, but I am so very busy with Younique, it was time & necessary to let Shaklee go. All of my Shaklee posts will remain because they are full of great information, but the links are no longer active.

I have lots of Younique news! The Younique conference was this weekend (right down the street from me, but I couldn't attend due to being on vacation - I'm still so upset about missing it!) & my goodness, so many new, exciting updates! I will announce those soon, but I did want to get up this months Customer Kudos.

Every month, Younique thanks their loyal customers with a little gift (LOVE that & LOVE this company!!) & this month, a brand new product is included! Purchase one of the six Collections Kits (such awesome products selections) & get the brand spankin' new brow brush/lash comb for FREE! This is so cool - the lash comb is METAL, not plastic! This goes hand in hand with Younique's best selling product - the Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes! More information to come about all of the new products being released, but for now, I'll put the link to the Collections Kits below so you can take a peek.

Click here to see the Collections. *These particular Collections are being discontinued, to make room for new Collections!

Younique is currently standing at just over 60,000 Presenters - 59,000 of which has joined in 2014 alone. Pretty impressive! That's because the company is phenomenal, as well as their gorgeous, silky, healthy cosmetics & beauty products. Click below & be a part of history!

Click here to view the Presenters Kit & register to start your own Younique business! Only $99.00! *This particular Presenters Kit is being discontinued, to make room for a Presenters Kit with new, amazing products. Same price, but it will include different (& a few less) products. Get yours now before stock runs out!

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Back soon & have a wonderful week! :)

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