Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Want an adorable Jacaranda doll that MckMama is selling?

These dolls are SO adorable! But oh my goodness, DO NOT ORDER FROM MCKMAMA! Order directly from the organization that offers/sells them - your purchase is considered a charitable donation AND helps provide income for the women in Nairobi! You can support these women from the comfort of your own home - no travel to Africa necessary or required! ;o) This incredible, generous organization actually posted their own link on MckMama's Instagram so people can order & help support this in-need village & MCKMAMA DELETED THEIR LINK! As a matter of fact, she continues to delete every single comment that links to the organization's site. So shady! She wants EVERYONE buying a doll through her & not the reputable organization that offers them! Hmm!! What does that tell you? Why would she do that if she truly wants to help these people? Exactly! Now you know why you need to order directly through them (www.jacarandacommunity.com) & not MckMama!

Here is a direct link to these precious dolls:


And they have more precious, precious, handmade creations! Click below!


Go read more about this amazing organization - very interesting!


Get your latest MckMama information at MckFacts.com. 4th house foreclosure information, court documents, current, unedited photos of her). Click on Discussion, at the top. Fraud Investigator, Tracy Coenen, is also adding updates occasionally. :)

Make it a beautiful day! :)

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