Tuesday, January 13, 2015

My word of the year.

I wasn't going to choose a 'word of the year'. I don't do New Year resolutions or any of that. In my opinion, if you want to do something, change something, then do it. You don't need a specific date, or reason, to do so. Several years ago, I hopped on the bandwagon with everyone else & I did choose a word of the year. I believe it was TRUE. Loved it! And promptly forgot about it by January 10th. Well, it was good while it lasted.

Earlier, I was thinking about something I wanted to do & the word ACTION just popped in my head. I mean, really. How many things do you want to do? Whether it be pay bills, dust the top of the cabinet, paint furniture, find a new career, travel the world - big, small, whatever. We all have our desires & lists. But without action, those wants are going to stay wants. Those lists are going to remain long. Those bucket lists ain't gonna be completed. Everything takes action. I want to lose some more weight. Well, I better get back on my low-carb'ing if I want that to happen. Better take action. I want to start walking again & lifting some weights. Well, I better take action if I want that to happen. I want to get my family a piano. Well, I better take action, because God's not going to drop one down on my doorstep. And so on.

Though I don't really participate in this word thing, I think I will. Because I'm the type of person who constantly needs a kick in the butt. A nice, hefty, visual reminder. Not only that, ACTION is a great word for my kids, too! They need to be reminded that results take action. #winning

Here's to 2015 & a year full of ACTION! I got this. Do you? :)

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