Monday, March 9, 2015

Network Marketing & Direct Sales.

I'm going to do a general post because I'm getting a few inquiries about Network Marketing/Direct Sales & becoming a Younique Presenter (note: due to the addition of unhealthy ingredients in some products, I am no longer an active Presenter) . This is my opinion & my perspective only. Many agree & many don't agree, & that's ok. This industry is certainly not for everyone.

Let's get this part out of the way - is Network Marketing/Direct Sales a "pyramid scheme"? No. So many people argue this point & it's because they are misinformed or choose to believe what they want to believe. Pyramid Schemes do exist albeit, illegal. Pyramid Schemes involve money, but no product. NM/DS companies involve product. I'll take it a step further. Do you or someone you know have a job? Any job, anywhere, at a place of employment, where they do not own the company? Then they are in a pyramid. Do they have a boss? Does their boss have a boss? And so on. That's a "pyramid", if you ask me. The people at the top make more than the people at the bottom. It's typically how all businesses operate. Network Marketing/Direct Sales works the same way, but get a bad rap, & I don't know why. NM/DS is nothing more than a store without the facility. It cuts out the middle man & when you begin your own NM/DS company, you get paid more for selling the product, because there's no middle 'extras' to pay. In time, as you build a team, you move up towards the top, just like a 'typical' business. I'll argue another point, too. So many people say you can not make money in Network Marketing. Bologna! Again, just like a 'typical' business, you work your butt off, you're going to make money. Younique has current Presenters making $85,000 a month. You can doubt me all you want, but if I'm known for one thing, I'm known for being honest. I'm proud of that, because not many people can say that. (Although, honesty doesn't always work in my favor, trust me!) And I would never, ever state numbers like that if I didn't know it was true. Good Lord, look at Dani Johnson or Sarah Robbins! They both started in NM/DS & making are hundreds of thousands of dollars a month! The proof is in the pudding. Google Network Marketing/Direct Sales companies. You'll see hundreds! If Network Marketing/Direct Sales didn't work, all those companies wouldn't exist. The industry is strong & only getting stronger! If you provide a quality, trusted product, people are going to buy it whether it's at a store or via the net. It's that simple. And the best part of the NM/DS industry is building residual income. It's my future. This is exactly why I choose this industry. In my opinion, it's a no brainer. I get to work from home, & work how & when I want. I have 4 kids. This is what works for me & I'm grateful for the opportunity. I have now worked in NM/DS for about 4 years.

The Presenter starter kit, required to 'open' your own Younique business (yes, you will be self employed), is $99.00 (you'll receive $216.00 in products). Can you make a lot of money selling Younique or any NM/DS company? Yes! Is it easy? NO! Although, because it's makeup, it is the easiest money I've ever made, but I still work a lot. Is it a free ride? NO! Do you have to work your butt off? YES! Will it pay off? Yes! Will you get rich quick? No! Is there a possibility to get rich quick? Yes! That depends on you & how much you work & how successful you are. Oh, & something else I hate hearing - you work part time for a full time income. Maybe years down the road that is accurate, but it's not accurate now, just starting out. It may be possible if you explode your business immediately, but typically, it'll take time. But you can work from home, you can work out of your home, you can do events if you choose, you can go door to door or store to store, you can work this business however you want, as long as you are in compliance & remain professional. I will work with no one who is not professional. Ever.

If you read all this, thank you for hanging in there. I hope I answered most of your questions. Although I am no longer a Presenter with Younique, not because I wasn't successful (quite the contrary, actually), I absolutely will remain in the NM/DS industry. I believe in the business model that much. It is exciting, challenging & makes me happy. And life is too short to not be happy.

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