Tuesday, December 8, 2009

He can't win for losing.

This incident happened last night. He was in his sister's room, tripped on a toy, & busted his eye on the corner of her bed. His eyelid actually sliced open. Fortunately, because the cut is in the crease, it closed back up perfectly! Because of the depth of the cut, I thought we were headed to the ER for Dermabond. He got lucky. ☺

This is his black eye, which occurred last Friday @ school. They were in the gym playing football; Audi was already face down on the floor grabbing the ball, when some darling of a child decided to jump on the back of him, abruptly slamming his eye onto the tile floor. Sweet.

Still cute as a bug, though! :)

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Bridget said...

Poor fella! Love that smile, though!