Thursday, December 3, 2009



Bentley: 57.4 lbs., 52"

Audi: 37.4 lbs., 40 1/2"

Jaguar: 41.2 lbs., 42 1/4"

Mercedes: 30.2 lbs., 35 1/4"

*Poor Audi. His sister, who is 12 months & 1 day younger than he, is now almost 4 lbs. heavier & almost 2 inches taller. Giggle. The kid doesn't stand a chance. ☺

Look who is now back on the charts! Yeehaw! Yippee! Happy dance! Maybe I just won't have a 50 lb. 2 year old, after all! ☺

Her Endocrinologist appointment on Tuesday, 12.1.09, went great! Other than she screamed the entire time, physically pushed the nurses away, refused the bubbles & Teddy Grahams they tried to entice & bribe her with & she refused to let them take her blood pressure & listen to her heart. Other than that she was a complete dream. LOL ;o) She weighed in @ 30.0 lbs. (75%!!) & was 35 1/2" tall (95%!!). Yay! :)

Her thyroid level continues to remain absolutely perfect! Because the dr. has never had to adjust her dosage of medication (which is VERY rare!), he is almost certain she does not & will not need to take medication for the remainder of her life. However, she is still in brain development, so she will continue on the medication until she is 3. At that time, she will be removed from the medication to see if she can manage alone. If she can, hooray! If not, no big deal, she'll immediately be put back on the medication & from what I understand - that is the end of that. She's not 2 for another month, so we still have a year+ to go. No prob. ☺

(Photo - snapshot.)

Love my little mini me's! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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