Tuesday, October 11, 2011


My camera is back! Yay! Haven't had time to take any photos. Just this one. Well, just two. This photo is a replacement for the first one - which I took & posted & then discovered the Canon repair people had switched all my settings & I failed to check them. ;o) This photo is on my dining room table, versus the other photo that beautifully displayed my neglected kitchen table. That particular table has candle wax on it. That will come off. Should I ever decide to take the time to remove it, that is. And, it also has paper adhered to it; paper that somehow stuck to the surface. Sweet. The kitchen table has truly been used & abused. We use it for literally everything. I would just refurbish it, but I don't like it. The legs/chairs are black & don't have clean, straight lines. Entirely too country for me since my decorating style is now headed the complete opposite direction. Anywho, I love how sun is shining in in the above photo. Ü

Flowers - Walmart - $5
White vase - Goodwill - $5

Love having fresh flowers. Don't give a flyin' flip where they come from. They make me all happy happy. ♥

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