Saturday, October 29, 2011

Twas the night before Halloween...

Ok. Two nights before Halloween. But who's counting.

I was so tired when I finally collapsed into bed last night. My nightly routine is to brush my teeth, wash my hands, apply Carmex & climb into bed. Once in bed, I sit up & apply my yummy Bath & Body Works lotion (still using Coconut Passionfruit, btw - need to switch to Warm Vanilla Sugar soon! Mmmm.) to my hands/arms while glancing at the tv. So last night, that's what I did. While applying my lotion, I didn't really like what was on tv. So I put my hand down to grab the remote, which I thought was right beside me. It was dark & I didn't have my glasses on, but I was shocked at what I 'think' I saw. I got a tad closer, my eyes got real wide, as I said to myself "no way". Or was it?

Holy.frickin'.cow. I froze & screamed for hubby. He was upstairs. By this time, my heart was racing. I took a deep breath, mumbled "it's now or never!", hopped up at lightning speed & sprinted to the bedroom door. Hubby came in at that exact moment & found me standing there with my hand over my mouth & in tears. Yes, I was in tears. Unable to speak (miracles do happen), I just pointed to the bed.

He really couldn't see what I was pointing at because it was dark, so he flipped on the light. Then he looked at me & stared. You know, that you are such an airhead sometimes stare. And I think he even rolled his eyes, just for good measure. Then he laughed. I think a tear fell as he began laughing. Ok, that part was a lie. No tear fell. Here's what he brought to me:

Audi's remote control tarantula.

Happy Saturday!

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Bridget said...

This would so happen to me, only Boy Wonder would have put it next to me on purpose :p

I went to open the sliding glass door the other day, and one jumped and scared me. I almost ran next door to get the neighbor (yes, seriously), but I chased and killed the sucker myself and disposed of him in the toilet. I was pretty proud of myself and my Girl Power! :)