Friday, December 16, 2011

When the cat's away...

(Pardon the grainy photo - it's been very gloomy here & I won't use a flash! :)

The mouse will play! She found the Nintendo. And can play the darn tootin' thing(s). We typically do not allow Nintendos before age 7. This year, that changes. Guess what she'll (& her big sister) be getting for her birthday? Ü

About the couch. Ugh. I love this couch. We've had it many years & it is probably the most comfortable couch we've ever owned. But, I do believe it's run its course. It's really starting to bug me. Next year, I think I'll put it on the list to replace. And I'm anxious to get paint on these walls - I'll just have to force myself to choose a color! ;o)

Our Christmas shopping, minus odds & ends, will be complete - tomorrow! Woot! My husband took today off & he alone knocked out a lot of shopping. I will finish up 1st thing tomorrow morning. (Wasn't it just Monday I was panicking that we might not make it in time? No need to panic!) We've never been done this early & we've never wrapped in advance. Ever. I'm so excited that this year we'll have wrapped packages under our tree! In the past, we never really wrapped in advance & placed them under the tree because we had a baby. No more babies. Sniff. All I know is that next week will be completely stress-free & we can bake, play games, wrap, people watch at stores (heehee), look at Christmas lights, the whole nine yards. It's the simple things, always, that really excite me.

Happy weekend! Make it fantabulous!

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