Monday, October 31, 2011

OMG! Kim Kardashian files for DIVORCE!

You know I am a huge Kardashian fan! Love the whole family! Hate Kris Humphries! What an asshat! But now...

Kim Kardashian files for divorce! Files for DIVORCE! They've been married TWO months & the wedding cost $TEN MILLION!

I am so busy today getting Mercedes ready to trick or treat tonight, but I had to post this breaking news! 'Cause you know, I'm sure you guys didn't hear about it, like, on the media or anything. Ha! ;o)

Happy Halloween!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Twas the night before Halloween...

Ok. Two nights before Halloween. But who's counting.

I was so tired when I finally collapsed into bed last night. My nightly routine is to brush my teeth, wash my hands, apply Carmex & climb into bed. Once in bed, I sit up & apply my yummy Bath & Body Works lotion (still using Coconut Passionfruit, btw - need to switch to Warm Vanilla Sugar soon! Mmmm.) to my hands/arms while glancing at the tv. So last night, that's what I did. While applying my lotion, I didn't really like what was on tv. So I put my hand down to grab the remote, which I thought was right beside me. It was dark & I didn't have my glasses on, but I was shocked at what I 'think' I saw. I got a tad closer, my eyes got real wide, as I said to myself "no way". Or was it?

Holy.frickin'.cow. I froze & screamed for hubby. He was upstairs. By this time, my heart was racing. I took a deep breath, mumbled "it's now or never!", hopped up at lightning speed & sprinted to the bedroom door. Hubby came in at that exact moment & found me standing there with my hand over my mouth & in tears. Yes, I was in tears. Unable to speak (miracles do happen), I just pointed to the bed.

He really couldn't see what I was pointing at because it was dark, so he flipped on the light. Then he looked at me & stared. You know, that you are such an airhead sometimes stare. And I think he even rolled his eyes, just for good measure. Then he laughed. I think a tear fell as he began laughing. Ok, that part was a lie. No tear fell. Here's what he brought to me:

Audi's remote control tarantula.

Happy Saturday!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Pardon me, but they are two of the cutest things I have ever seen! Ü

Every day after school, during after school snack, she insists on sharing a chair with one of the others & sharing their snack, as well. Too stinkin' cute. ♥

Monday, October 24, 2011

Dancing with the Stars.

Frustrated with the show tonight. I am so tired of watching the judges week after week harshly berate & belittle the contestants. The whole idea of this show is to watch inexperienced (well, some have a little experience) 'stars' grow & blossom in their dancing skills, while competing with others in the same position.

Most of these stars (not all are 'stars' in my book ;o) are tossed into a life they are unfamiliar with regarding professional dancing. They are removed from their families for extended periods of time. They're basically thrown into a dancing studio, for exhausting hour after hour, while they are taught a routine they've likely never seen before, let alone danced. Yes, it's a competition & yes, obviously they agreed to participate, but I don't necessarily think they signed up for much of the harshness they receive.

Some people are just naturally good dancers. Like me. Heehee. ;o) They have natural rhythm & dancing comes easy for them. But some aren't natural dancers. Many aren't. And I feel like the judges lose sight of that entirely too often. This is not a professional dance competition. The non-professionals dance with the professionals. It irks me that many of the contestants give their all, more than their all, heck, they give all they've got, only to be completely smacked down because they didn't do good enough. When in reality, for them, they did. They absolutely did.

I don't know why I'm posting this. Maybe it's because I love dancing & Dancing with the Stars is my most favorite show. Maybe it's because I've noticed this unnecessary pattern for quite some time now & tonight when Maks finally had had enough, he kind of confirmed what I've thought for some time. And I guess it's because I care about people, & I see so many of the 'unpopular' contestants get their confidence & enthusiasm ripped right out from under them. You can see it on their faces as they intensely listen to the judges, while they offer their opinions/insight with little to no empathy. Doesn't always happen, but it does happen often. I fully understand that some contestants don't nor can't really match those who can naturally dance. But for those who don't dance as well, there has to be a more appropriate and/or acceptable way to commend them for their efforts, & express & validate all their wonderful moves. Their dances may not be 100% perfect, but good glory, these people are giving their all to improve weekly.

I hope the contestants who participate are paid well. Because when they leave, other than the amazing friendships they develop while there, their DWTS paycheck is probably just about the only thing they have left. I'm sure many of them leave with pretty damaged/hurt feelings - especially on competition nights. Maybe the show should offer to let the contestants keep their outfits. That should help. :)

I was proud of Maks tonight. Because it was not scripted, I think he fumbled for words & didn't necessarily use the right ones. Who does in a heated situation such as that. That said, I think everyone got his point & agreed. I can only imagine how tough it is to witness your non-professional dance partner work so hard week after week, only to ultimately hear hurtful comments with little to no praise. At some point, the defense mechanism has got to kick in. And I think that's what happened tonight. Nonetheless, kudos to Maks!

All this to say - there has to be a better way. And I hope they discover it before many stars begin to decline the invitation to participate & say 'no thanks'. I've already read that the show struggles to find participants & that's a shame.

On my old blog (will be imported to this blog one day, promise. :), I used to blog about DWTS frequently. Maybe I'll start again. I used to blog about anything & everything & I enjoyed my blog more. But in the meantime, here's a clip of one of my favorite dances to date. Remember? (Be sure to scroll down & click the music off or you'll hear two musics at once. :) Btw, I sure do miss Carson Kressley. Loved him & his humor!

It's not a secret I ♥ celebrity gossip. Should I start blogging about the Kardashians, too? Who knows!

Happy Tuesday! Ü

Friday, October 21, 2011

Probably the best blog post I have EVER read.


And if you read that post, that explains why I've been MIA. Have no fear, I'll be back.

Make it a beautiful, amazing weekend! Ü

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Eighteen year old collage picture frame.

Eighteen years ago, I did this! Goodness. This puppy is so old! We weren't even married when I put this together. Do they even make these collage picture frames anymore? It's been shoved in the back of our closet for years. I love discovering items like this after they've been tucked away for a while. So fun. :)

Though it's been a while, hubby & I are actually avid country dancers (we were actually dancing 'buddies' before we began dating) & we've decided it's time for us to begin again. Our favorite song to dance to is Keith Whitley's 'My Amy'. Do you remember that? Anyway, our children are older now (sniff), it's time to cut the cord & find a regular sitter. I am excited but so nervous, all at the same time! I am excited about becoming a person again - big hair, dramatic makeup, non-mommy clothes, some beautimous heals, adult conversation & laughter - but so nervous about allowing a stranger to watch my children. I think my children have been without mom or dad probably 4 or 5 times total in 10 1/2 years. The longest period was for 8 hours, while hubby & I attended my 25th high school reunion. The sitter was a girl (she still is a girl, so you know ;o) who is my friend's daughter. I've known them forever & I trust the girl (& her boyfriend, who came with her at the time) with my life! We only had three children at the time & I paid her $180. LOL I think that was a little much! And then she went & graduated high school & recently graduated from Texas A&M so needless to say, she doesn't sit anymore. The other handful of times my children had someone watching them it was only for an hour or two & family stayed with them. In 10 1/2 years, my husband & I have not been out alone. The times mentioned above we were always with other people. I'm not even sure we'd know what to talk about anymore! We already have some couples lined up to go to dinner & dancing with us, so it's time to get serious & find us a cheap reliable, honest, mature, calm, dependable sitter. I have some leads, so we'll see!

I'm sure many of you can relate & I've blogged about this topic before - but this mom here has pretty much lost herself & it's time, it's past time, to find myself again & begin living! I should do another blog post about that some time. Going out to dinner & dancing is going to help me find my way back! I can do it & you can too! Ü

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


My camera is back! Yay! Haven't had time to take any photos. Just this one. Well, just two. This photo is a replacement for the first one - which I took & posted & then discovered the Canon repair people had switched all my settings & I failed to check them. ;o) This photo is on my dining room table, versus the other photo that beautifully displayed my neglected kitchen table. That particular table has candle wax on it. That will come off. Should I ever decide to take the time to remove it, that is. And, it also has paper adhered to it; paper that somehow stuck to the surface. Sweet. The kitchen table has truly been used & abused. We use it for literally everything. I would just refurbish it, but I don't like it. The legs/chairs are black & don't have clean, straight lines. Entirely too country for me since my decorating style is now headed the complete opposite direction. Anywho, I love how sun is shining in in the above photo. Ü

Flowers - Walmart - $5
White vase - Goodwill - $5

Love having fresh flowers. Don't give a flyin' flip where they come from. They make me all happy happy. ♥

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Adoring the books.

It's who he is.

It's what he does.

It's how he lives.

Adoring the Books.

*I'm hoping, hoping my camera will be sent back to me this week! WOOT! ♥

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Take II.

In August, I participated in a I ♥ Faces challenge. I shared this photo which I just love:

Only to discover, that I actually used the wrong photo! Whoops! Jags is 'Jewel of the Week' tomorrow, so today I'm browsing images that I can print for her. That's how I discovered my error. I prefer, & meant to use, the photo below because the clarity is better. But she's beautiful in both. ♥

I've only participated in the one I ♥ Faces challenge, but I think I'll try to participate more often since I love both photography & a good challenge. :) I've heard from Canon & my camera should be ready in about a week. I'm so excited to get it back! Ü