Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Good-bye, my love.

I am/was so addicted to it, I used to dream of having an iv drip just full of the stuff. My addiction is/was pretty serious.

Yesterday, Tuesday, February 5, '13, I bid farewell to my beloved, quenching sidekick, Diet Coke. I've tried to do this in the past, but I have been unsuccessful. This time? I got this.

Every single morning, short of 2 or 3 days a year, I got one of these:

(Actually, that drink does not contain Diet Coke - I took this photo yesterday a.m. & it has lemon water in it.)

My routine included dropping my kids off at school & driving to Sonic. Every day. But as you know, Diet Coke is unhealthy, all the way around. Not a healthy ingredient in it. But most importantly, it contains the highly unhealthy artificial chemical, Aspartame. Bad stuff. Not only were my daily Diet Cokes (sometimes in the past? Three a day!!) hindering any weight loss success, the Aspartame was doing it's own damage. Aspartame has an unbelievable amount of side effects. It was time.

Today is day 2 of drinking nothing but water for me. I'm not a fan of water. But as of today, I'm fine with it. And surprisingly enough, & this was the case yesterday, too, I'm totally fine without my delish coke. I can still taste it & how much I love it, but I don't need to run out & get one. And I won't.

It's so interesting because being this is only day 2, I've already lost water weight! I kid you not. I can totally see it in my ankles! I can't wait to get up tomorrow & see how much more has disappeared. Giving up Diet Cokes will probably be one of the best decisions I will ever make. I'm only going to drink water but on occasion, when I do crave something different, it'll be tea for me, sweetened with Stevia. Oh how I love sweet tea with Stevia. But not on a daily basis - daily, it'll be just good ol' fashioned water. And I certainly don't want to forget to mention how full I am - my appetite has substantially decreased. I know without a doubt it's because I'm full of water! I have a horrible habit of not eating enough & this might just help me with that, too. Now when I'm hungry, at least I grab something little & then I'm full again! Yes, please!

So with my eating habits improved & now no more unhealthy Diet Coke, I'm anxious to see how quickly I finally lose some weight. I'm excited!

My intentions, regarding many things, are always so good. I blog them & tweet them & configure my plan & even though I may do them for a while, eventually, I fall off the wagon. I haven't always been successful changing things I need to change. Now is the time for those, as well. No, really. Now's the time!

I'm ditching a lot of my computer time & trading it for more time with my family & an earlier bed time. Ample, adequate sleep is just another area I have really struggled with & tried to improve (how many times have I blogged about it?), but for the most part, haven't mastered it. My new bedtime was implemented last night. It was so wonderful & I can totally manage with less computer time. Don't get to read my favorite blogs every single day? So what. Miss a day or so on Facebook? Big deal. Can't send a Tweet or post to Instagram every hour? Whoopie. It'll all still be there tomorrow, along with all my friends. And because I feel so much better, function better, am more productive & so less tired when I get ample sleep, I have no problem missing a few photos or posts until the next day. It's worth it!

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