Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Simple Secret Santa!

Listen up! Who is interested in participating in a Simple Secret Santa this year? Who doesn't like a sweet little something in the mail? I think this could be really fun! Nothing elaborate, just something to make someone else smile. To bring some happy to the holiday season. I'm thinking, possibly, of a $10-$15 limit, including shipping. There would be stipulations, of course, because it wouldn't be fair if someone commits & then doesn't participate. So, I'm making a list! First, I need to know if you're interested. If so, then, we spread the word! I'd love to have a huge Simple Secret Santa! How fun would that be?! So, step one - please go to my Facebook page (easier keeping all the comments in one place) & leave a comment if you are interested!

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Lets spread some happy!!

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