Thursday, December 12, 2013

MckMama Truths & MckMama.

It's been a while since I've blogged about MckMama. Truth is I'm really busy, but I do check in with MWoP every now & then. Rest assured, MckMama's still at it - being deceitful, manipulative & being so dishonest it's sickening. And equally important, blowing ungodly amounts of money (& bragging about it) while judgements are still being filed against her left & right. The most recent? $50,000 (fifty thousand!) filed by her MOTHER-IN-LAW! LOL Now if that doesn't take the cake!?

Anja made the decision to turn off all comments on MWoP ( effective sometime in January, 2014. You gotta give the girl props - MWoP is not an easy site to administer & control & she's done a fabulous job for a very long time. Thank you Anja for all your time, effort & dedication to keeping the site informative.

MckMama is still scamming & I think until justice is served (haha, right?), a site such as MWoP needs to & will always, exist. The purpose is to hopefully prevent more innocent people from falling into her trap & spending their money on untruths, as well as calling her out & holding her accountable for all her false claims.

The only site I know of currently that will be open to comments is: This site has brought over a lot of MckMama's history (& photos - she ain't skinny like she claims!) & Disqus is active on that site.

I may begin to blog about MckMama more frequently, as her crazy antics continue & she continues to get away with it. If nothing more, she is entertaining. I guess there is one thing she's good at.

Happy Thursday!

Update! Jennifer McKinney was arrested & taken to jail on January 24, 2014! Read about it here, including a link to all details!

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