Sunday, April 27, 2014

Lots of good news!

Current photo of my cuties on Easter. This was simply a quick shot & I love it so much! I can't believe how quick my kids are growing. Time is slipping away! They aren't so little anymore. Sniff.

In other news:

Because I prefer large photos on my blog, for years now I have always uploaded my photos to Photobucket first & then uploaded them here in my blog posts. Photobucket cut me off! I reached my 'free' bandwidth or some hogwash, so they froze all my photos! Grr. :) I had to pay $2.99 monthly to get my photos back. Good news - I can cancel that anytime, so I'll be doing that before my next installment is do. I just need to switch out my photos first & that will take some time. Better news - I found a tutorial on how to trick Blogger so I can upload my large images directly to my posts & omit Photobucket all the way around, & it worked! If you'd like to do the same, you can find the tutorial here. I love free. :)

I am really, really, really into another 'saving money' mode! Oh my! I love to save money & I don't like all the areas I feel as if I'm wasting money. I think I've slipped a little. $20 for a car wash? Really? No more! I'm getting my rear end outside & washing my car myself. Heck, my kids will love that! I like my car spotless, it's great exercise washing & drying & vacuuming & cleaning - why pay? No thanks! :)

In addition, another area I just saved us money after literally wasting $30+ every single month is with our home phone landline. Because we have cell phones, we rarely use it. But with young children, & after having our number for so long, I just was not comfortable ridding it. Last month I switched to BasicTalk. It's $9.99 (+ taxes & fees) a month! No landline - BasicTalk works through your computer line. And it works GREAT! Crystal clear & works the very same. Can only have one phone, though, since they don't plug into your landline outlets. Fine by me! I actually love not having phones all over to collect dirt & dust. Our computer line is in our master bedroom, so I have our cordless phone plugged in there & it's no trouble at all. It cost me $12.22, I believe, to hook up BasicTalk. They ported my number for free, hooked us up with 911 capabilities (very important), mailed us the box (typically $29.99) for free, waived the $9.99 activation fee so that was free - hello!? - winning! OMG I love FREE! If you don't want to rid your home phone but don't want to continue paying the high price through regular carriers, check into BasicTalk! Nope, they aren't paying me to say that - it's just a less expensive option that I'm very satisfied with. :)

Starting to cook low-carb here, so recipes coming soon. One thing that I've noticed: low-carb does not mean low-fat. Yikes! I have to keep my eye on that. Hopefully, lots of yummy recipes coming soon. And more blogging!! And more thrifting - it's past time!

Have a wonderful weekend! :)

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