Saturday, April 5, 2014

Shaklee's April Promotion!

April special! Here's how it works. This is awesome!

For new members & Distributos - any order with 50 pv total (pv's are listed on each product) will receive a FREE Joint Health Complex ($45 FREE!). My husband takes the Joint Health Complex & says it works great! He's taken it now for quite some time. Vitalizer (as seen in the image) meets the 50 pv requirement (as well as some Get Clean cleaning kits!) & with your purchase of the Vitalizer product (any variety qualifies you!), you also receive a FREE lifetime membership ($20 FREE)! In addition, if you order a 50 pv minimum in May & June, you'll get a FREE product those months, as well & in July, you'll get a FREE product of CHOICE! Did you get all that? A free product each month - April/May/June/July with a minimum 50 pv order! Now, being this special for new members & Distributors only - if you are already a member, & want to take advantage of this promotion, email me at & I will tell you how you, too, can participate! Yay! :)

In addition, & this is just unbelievable! - yet again, you can still join our team, Project Dream International, with the $299 Gold Plus Pak! This is a three hundred dollar savings, to get on our team, which is one of the fastest growing teams in Shaklee! For the last several months, we out perform the month prior, breaking new records! Yip! Do it, do it! I have a feeling this will be the last month to join us with the lower Gold Plus Pak!

Scratch out "March" & replace with "April", since it's still in effect! :)

Curious as to how incredibly well ALL of these non-toxic products work? I have put up lots of links to examples, before & after photos, on the right side of this blog. Just click & scroll over there! They are just wonderful! ------------->

Am I still working out & losing weight? You better believe it! Still working out to Leslie Sansone's videos, the videos posted down below. Be sure to follow me on Facebook so you can join me or just to follow my journey. Click here! I am so happy I'm working out again & I love it! Don't care how long it takes - I'm getting healthier! My heart thanks me. :)

Got questions? Call me - I'm happy to help! 817.300.7755.

Make it a beautiful weekend!

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