Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Join my Younique organization!

I am brand, spankin' new with Younique, but wanted to put a bug in your ear if you are considering network marketing/direct sales & love makeup. This company is new, not quite 2 years old. It is exploding! One year ago, they had 999 Presenters. Currently, they have 50 THOUSAND! That alone leaves me speechless! It is so easy to become a Presenter of their safe, nontoxic products & the cost is a mere $99.00 to purchase a Presenter kit! Hello!? That includes tons of incredible (gorgeous!!) cosmetics & products (the brushes are amazing), free website, shipping & taxes. Younique is so popular (made known by their best seller - 3D fiber lashes) that people are building organizations without even having their Presenter kits first! In addition, Younique pays within 4 hours! Holy moly! How amazing is that?! If you want in on the fun, go to my site to read more. I'm in this for the long haul & all I can see is BLACK. (That's the highest level on Younique's incredible comp plan & one of my most favorite colors!!) This is SO MUCH FUN! :)

Click here to view my (ahem - FREE) Younique site!

Click here to join my team & together, lets do this! Lets earn BLACK! Lets build teams & more teams & more teams by selling the most beautiful cosmetics & products!


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Happy lashing! :)

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