Saturday, January 10, 2015

Always apply your mascara to clean lashes!

Thought I would share an important beauty rule of mine, especially for those of you who love your lashes! I learned this thru trial & error. I am very fond of my lashes, so I treat them delicately. Treating your lashes harshly is like treating your face harshly - you're going to do damage. Your lashes do & will fall out, so be gentle! Lash tip: NO hairspray! When you apply your mascara, be sure to do so on clean, dry lashes. So much as one brief, light coat of hairspray overspray will hinder optimal results. No matter what brand of mascara you use, your natural lashes need to be clean & receptive. Your mascara wand should effortlessly glide over your lashes, so be sure to apply it before doing your hair. If for whatever reason I must apply a light spray of hairspray before I've done my lashes (which is like, rarely), I totally cover my eyes/face with a washcloth & spray with the other hand. When my makeup is complete, I come back & either add more coats &/or restyle my hair. Try applying your mascara before using hairspray & let me know if you see a difference! Pretty sure you will! ❤

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