Monday, January 5, 2015

Anti-aging Retin-A!

To fight natural aging & wrinkles, I finally decided to go with full strength Retin-A. It's on its way! I'm so excited! Because I have never used this product before, I started with a lower dosage, until I see how my skin reacts. Retin-A (also known as Tretinoin) can burn your skin, so one must be really careful. I plan on using it at night, so I'm on the hunt for a day moisturizer. I hope to find one with Retinol & SPF. I will not go without SPF on my face, ever. Retinol doesn't work as fast as Retin-A - that's why Retinol products are allowed over-the-counter. It's not as potent & it takes longer to see results. I'm fine with that since I'll be using my Retin-A at night. Currently looking into StriVectin. I LOVE beauty products! At 47 years young, game on!


I ended up ordering Tretinoin (same thing) .1% instead. .1% is the strongest treatment, so I'm a little apprehensive, as I only wanted to start with .05%. Now, I'll really be sure to take it nice & slow until I see how my skin reacts. The last thing I want is extreme burning.

Still excited to get started & I'll be checking out StriVectin this week! :)

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