Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My littlest swimmer.

Remember when all she did was sit on the edge? That is, until July 12th. When I coaxed her into floating in the water with me. Ü

Slowly, I began loosening my grip. Until she was doing this:

After that, she was brave enough to jump in, with her daddy or I catching her. When she would jump to me, I slowly began backing up. Until I wasn't catching her at all.

By the following day, she was jumping alone. Even gets in the ready position. Toes on the edge! Ü


7 days ago, she realized she could do this:

And alas, tonight, jumping on noobles. Ü

Tada! Yes, she says tada! Ü

Not bad for a tiny person who just turned 2 1/2 three weeks ago, heh? We have always had a pool (even at our previous home) -however, she is our earliest 'swimmer' yet. I wonder when the life jacket will come off? Hubby wants to try now. I say it's too soon. We'll see. :)

Please excuse the scenery - the left corner of our backyard is the worst part of our entire yard. Not only that, a few weeks ago, hubby pulled up all of our landscaping this side of the pool fence. So it's looking a little, well, drab.

And swimming suits are so overrated, don't you think? Ü


Bridget said...

Look at her go, and look how tall she's gotten! Glad your little fish has found her fins and is having a blast!

Bobbi Janay said...

Look at her go.

Family "Q" said...

That's too cute! Andrew jumps of the edge to Me or daddy, or Grandma and Grandpa and yells, "I did it!"..They make me laugh!

Melissa Miller said...

Oh she is just precious Melissa! I swam early too. You go sweet girl!