Friday, August 26, 2011

Goodwill goodies.

I haven't been to Goodwill in a couple of weeks! Seriously! I wanted to go when hubby was on vacation, but we ran out of time. I was beginning to have withdrawals! Mercedes & I planned a trip on Wednesday, 1/2 off day. But when I got there, I learned 1/2 off day was only the 3rd Wednesday of the month. I missed it by one week. Pfft. In we went anyway.

(I'm telling you, it's a sad day when one goes to Goodwill & gets miffed it's not 1/2 off day. Heehee.)


3 shirts, 2 jammie lounge pants -$2.99 @ - $14.95

1 Bugle Boy button up - $4.19

5 books - $1.00 (one dollar!)

George Forman Grill - like new! - $6.95

Mason jar - $.95 (I have no control)

Glass jar - $1.25 (I have no control)

Cute little decorative church - $3.95

Electronic drum - $1.95

Hello Kitty cassette player - $2.95

Total: $38.14

- $10.00 Goodwill stamps

Total with tax: $31.29

When I first became a thrifter (is that like, a drifter? Thrifter drifter?), I didn't buy toys. But, I've discovered along the way that if she finds a toy that holds her interest & keeps her busy, I can browse a little longer. ;o) Mercedes spotted the Hello Kitty cassette player & would not put it down. I noticed the battery cover was missing. I kept trying to explain to her that it more than likely wouldn't work once we got it home. I put it back two different times & attempted to persuade her with other toys. She wasn't having it. She was so persistent - finally I decided just to buy the darn thing. Low & behold, it works! I had to put tape over the battery compartment & let me say, she has not put that cassette player down since bringing it home. Best $2.95 I've ever spent. Was a tad challenging to find a cassette for kids around these parts. :) I typically don't buy items like the George Forman grill either. Ew. But, I spotted this puppy & it's like brand spankin' new! Not sure what to do with it, but I'll figure it out! Maybe.

Happy weekend! Ü


Bridget said...

That Hello Kitty cassette player is adorable. The George Forman grill is the most awesome thing evah--you will love it.

Melissa Miller said...

Score! You found some wonderful deals sweet friend.