Wednesday, August 24, 2011

It's not his first offense.

He walked in from work. Audi says "I think...I think I see some...fuzz?" Ahem.

To which, we all inspected, of course.

Typically he wears Dockers or Lees or the like to work. These, however, are 'suit' pants. I reckon they're just a little old. 'Cause they definitely aren't too tight (or they're not now, now that they've 'loosened up'...heehee). Regardless, you would think someone would know when they're advertising to the world, & those who are included in important meetings, the junk in their trunk.

Then he bent over. I was laughing so hard, my head went down on the table & my hand started banging (on said table). Obviously, that's my consistent reaction when witnessing something so incredibly stupid funny. I just cannot imagine walking around all day not knowing the seat of my pants exploded. Ü

Years before miniature people arrived, he came in from work one day & sat on the ottoman. He had beige Dockers on. That had dark brown patches sown inside the thighs. I remember thinking 'what in the sam hills?' Evidently, he took his pants to the cleaners to have the inside of the legs patched (God forbid the man just, you know, buy new britches). The day he picked them up, he put the pants on immediately (a habit of his), but never inspected the patches. The new, large, dark brown patches. He wore them all day at work, in that fine, newly remodeled condition. After I picked myself up off the floor from laughter, I took photos. Film photos. Maybe I'll come across them someday. Ü

I am thankful our life is not boring. Challenging at times, yes, but never boring. I am also very grateful for laughter, & lots of it. ♥


Bridget said...

Bahahahaha!! He is such a good sport to let you take pictures and blog it. This is hilarious!

Muliebrity said...

Bahahaha! I was going to tell you how mean you were to post pictures of your husband's backside, but I guess if you are going to walk around like that all day, you probably deserve it!

Kriss said...

I sooooo needed that laugh!! TOOOOO funny!!!! -kriss

Kate said...

Bless his heart!!