Monday, March 5, 2012

The attire of Shiloh Jolie-Pitt.

Now I know that typically the golden rule is that children are 'off limits'. And for the most part, I agree. But lets get real for a minute. Is this necessary?

(Shiloh on the left, Vivienne on the right.)

I understand that she's obviously a tomboy. I have one myself (not to this degree). But my daughter still resembles her gender & even though my daughter's now a somewhat dirty, rough & tough little girl, people don't have to question if she's male or female.

Shiloh is 5 years old. I'm assuming it's Shiloh herself requesting that her current appearance resemble a boy. But isn't there a happy medium where Shiloh can be happy in her tomboy attire, yet she can still look like a little girl? I just think this is awful. I think it's sad. I think there definitely are some things parents need to control in their children's lives & parents need to say ok, I'll meet you half way - we'll compromise. Shiloh is your perfect example.

Check this out:

That's Shiloh, jumping in the pool, in a male bathing suit. WTF??

Call me crazy. And maybe it's just me. But here in my home, tomboy or not, my little girls are already being taught that we act like a lady, dress modestly & tastefully. I don't care if the attire matches & I don't care if it's funky. But it's appropriate & there's no question my girl's a girl. Even if Shiloh desires to wear boy attire, heck, whatever, but there are some areas of our body little girls cover up & show discretion. And I certainly don't think she needs to resemble a male from her hair to her toes. She's a female! I don't think it's fair they are allowing her to deny that fact.

Years down the road, I wonder how Shiloh will feel seeing these very strong images of her portraying the male gender. I hope she's fine with it, because these photos of her are everywhere.

Two photos courtesy of US magazine.

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Rebecca M. said...

I completely disagree with you on this whole post/topic. I don't see what the big deal is if Shiloh how Shiloh dresses. Her parents are letting her express herself. She is a CHILD - doesn't matter if she is male or female. When she is an adult, she will most likely have to conform to society's idea of what a male/female should look like, do, say, etc. I think her parents should be commended for NOT forcing their child to dress in a certain manner just to appease society. I have seen Shiloh's brothers with painted me it's the same thing. Letting a child be a child.
As far as the boys swimsuit goes - I don't see an issue with that either. She is 5 - so what if she is shirtless in their own PRIVATE backyard? Looking at a shirtless 5 year old swimming and sexualizing that child for a body part that she doesn't even have yet is pointless. When Natalie was 4 1/2, we were on vacation and the hotel pool rules stated that anyone under the age of 5 had to wear a swim diaper in the pool. We had to go buy some for Natalie, and when we put it on, her bathingsuit didn't fit over it. So guess what? We took her swimming in the swim diaper without a shirt on. No big deal. Most people I know don't look at a shirtless little girl and see anything other than a child. And....from the time she was 8 until about 11 Natalie's bathing suit of choice was boys swim trunks and a rash guard shirt.
Just my opinion, though. Funny thing is that I see a lot of people on the internet commenting on Shiloh's attire and haircut - but no one is mentioning the fact that Vivienne is wearing bright red lipstick. Why???? Because Viv is a little girl who LOOKS like a little girl so it's o.k. for her to wear lipstick. But it's not o.k. for Shiloh to wear boys clothing becuause she's a little girl????