Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Jennifer McKinney, MckMama, fraud - part III.

It absolutely delights & thrills me to type the following:

Jennifer McKinney MckMama Bankruptcy: Fraud Alleged by Trustee

To read the most recent article, yet again written by professional Tracy L. Coenen, CPA, CFF, click the link above.

People, such as Jennifer McKinney, should not be allowed to get away with fraud. And finally, it appears she has met her match. I do believe her sense of entitlement has just been shot down & stomped. A very well deserved stomp, at that.

Better put your boots on, McKinney (or do you prefer 'Sauls' now, now that your husband has left you?). Shit's gettin' deep. And real.

*Continue to watch Tracy's site, as she continues to post McKinney updates when new facts become available. I believe she has two more new blog posts available after she posted this one, & I don't always get the links up in a timely manner.


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