Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Turquoise/Aqua with - Forest Green?

I mentioned before that my opening foyer & living room have unpainted walls because I am unsure how to pull the colors together, considering the formal dining, which is this horrendous forest green/gold, adjoin those rooms. The foyer, as well as the living room, are done in brown/copper & turquoise/aqua. Talk about opposite ends of the spectrum. I'm aware that because I'm fortunate enough to have OCD (ahem), I'm overly concerned with perfect. So today, I tossed out perfect. And added my (Goodwill, at that!) soft, aqua table runner to the table. And the brown candlesticks I painted long ago. That I thought were lacking something, but now I think they are simple & perfect. So alas, the contrasting colors will be forced to coincide. And believe it or not, I like it!

Decorating rules are made to be broken. So I did. And I will. And I'm really happy 'bout that.

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Emily Art said...

I like it too! I'm a TERRIBLE decorator and my house reflects it. I have a friend who is amazing at throwing colors together and making it work, but I'm too embarrassed to have her over and see my house as it is! LOL