Thursday, March 29, 2012


As I'm reading books to Mercedes, Yo Gabba Gabba comes on the tv.

Mercedes said: "I can do two things at once: I can listen to you & watch tv!"

Later, in another book, I tell her to "find the chick with wings" & she shouted "IT'S A FAIRY!!!!"

Bahaha! My bad!

I wish I could document her animations & expressions. They are priceless.

Oh how she makes me melt. ♥

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Precious passion.

When I was younger, I was never encouraged to discover, embrace & live my passions. Or maybe I was encouraged, but I don't remember. At age 44, there are so many things I am passionate about. Some of my passions have probably changed along the way & new ones have bloomed. I'm your typical I want to do this, I want to go there, this is where my heart is & oh how I love this! kind of girl. Sometimes my passion yesterday is not my passion today. Maybe I should just realize having more than one passion is completely wonderful & I can love them all.

I love animals. All animals. Any animals. Literally, I have been rescuing animals for years. My husband of 16 years no longer battles my desire - he now helps me. A few years ago, it dawned on me that maybe I should consider opening my own rescue some day. Oh how I would love that! But I know what it takes. And it takes a lot. "A lot" is actually an understatement. And right now, I'm not in any position to do it. If I ever could pull it off, it would be a dream come true.

Why? This is why. Please click the link. It's one of the sweetest stories you'll ever see. They don't have a voice. We have to be their voice. And oh yes, we can make a difference. ♥

Friday, March 23, 2012

Baby Makes 6!

Photo courtesy of People.

"Dean, Liam, Stella, Hattie, and I are beyond thrilled to announce that another little McDermott is on the way," she writes on her website in a blog post titled "Baby Makes 6!" "We feel truly blessed that another angel has found us. Love, Tori xoxo."

Are you frickin' KIDDING ME?

Shame on you Dean McDermott! Shame on you Tori Spelling McDermott! I am so disgusted! But I'm sure there is someone way more disgusted than I am, or should I say, this someone is probably extremely hurt! Surely you remember him, don't you, Dean? He's YOUR 13 YEAR OLD SON, Jack! WTF Dean McDermott! He's your own son! Just because you have a different wife doesn't mean you ditch your child from a previous marriage!

Obviously you two nimrods need some lessons in love & unselfishness. I also suggest some lessons in MATH.

New baby on the way? Congratulations! New baby makes SEVEN!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Faith Hill. Or is it?

Maybe y'all have seen this already. I think it hit the internet yesterday. I saw it, & for some odd reason, it leaves me baffled.

We all know the greedy beautiful Faith Hill:

Yesterday, US Magazine posted this photo of Faith, wearing no makeup:

Personally, I'm not a Faith fan. I used to be, but not anymore. I do, however, adore her Christmas song 'A Baby Changes Everything', but other than that, that's it. Nonetheless, I keep thinking of the image above - is that really her? Gosh, I just don't know! When I'm makeupless, I still resemble myself, just unenhanced. Ahem. ;o) To me, that photo doesn't even look like her! I'm trying to compare facial structure, & I think the nose/left cheek/neck kind of look similar, but geez, I still don't know. Weird. Whether it be Faith or someone else, I feel sorry for the girl, having that image plastered all over the internet! :x

We've decided to go camping for the last part of the week. We ♥ camping & the weather currently is perfect! I took the kids to Barnes & Noble today so they could grab some new books, so I decided to pick me up a little sumthin' sumthin' (for $8!) to keep me busy, while I camp. Ü

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Cancelled interview.

He had an interview today, to see if we could get him an audition with Disney. Unfortunately, late last night, I discovered the interview was somewhat of a scam, so we declined last minute.

Before I knew we were going to cancel, yesterday we ran out quickly late afternoon & I took a few shots to take to his interview. He did not need professional headshots, just typical photos. I am somewhat disappointed in how these turned out, but it was SO incredibly cold, this is the best I could do. I was shivering so much, I barely checked my settings (all photos on manual, which is pretty much all I shoot) - I mostly concentrated on holding my camera still.

That said - he is precious! I think his eyes are so mysterious. Love him so much! ♥

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Beautiful Jessica Simpson.

Sometimes I see photos that I fall in love with. Many think the above photo is tasteless - I, however, think it's beautiful. I have never been pregnant, so I tend to admire a lot of baby belly photos. And I think this one is adorable! I love how the image captures the emotions of both Jessica & Eric. Pure happiness.

I think they are so cute. I can only imagine how incredibly loved this new baby girl is. Can't wait to see photos of her. Life is short - you gotta live, whether others agree with you or not! I wish them nothing but the best! ♥

Photo courtesy of

Monday, March 5, 2012

The attire of Shiloh Jolie-Pitt.

Now I know that typically the golden rule is that children are 'off limits'. And for the most part, I agree. But lets get real for a minute. Is this necessary?

(Shiloh on the left, Vivienne on the right.)

I understand that she's obviously a tomboy. I have one myself (not to this degree). But my daughter still resembles her gender & even though my daughter's now a somewhat dirty, rough & tough little girl, people don't have to question if she's male or female.

Shiloh is 5 years old. I'm assuming it's Shiloh herself requesting that her current appearance resemble a boy. But isn't there a happy medium where Shiloh can be happy in her tomboy attire, yet she can still look like a little girl? I just think this is awful. I think it's sad. I think there definitely are some things parents need to control in their children's lives & parents need to say ok, I'll meet you half way - we'll compromise. Shiloh is your perfect example.

Check this out:

That's Shiloh, jumping in the pool, in a male bathing suit. WTF??

Call me crazy. And maybe it's just me. But here in my home, tomboy or not, my little girls are already being taught that we act like a lady, dress modestly & tastefully. I don't care if the attire matches & I don't care if it's funky. But it's appropriate & there's no question my girl's a girl. Even if Shiloh desires to wear boy attire, heck, whatever, but there are some areas of our body little girls cover up & show discretion. And I certainly don't think she needs to resemble a male from her hair to her toes. She's a female! I don't think it's fair they are allowing her to deny that fact.

Years down the road, I wonder how Shiloh will feel seeing these very strong images of her portraying the male gender. I hope she's fine with it, because these photos of her are everywhere.

Two photos courtesy of US magazine.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

I pierced my ear cartilage! Mid-life crisis?

Yay! I've wanted to do this for a while now. So today, I did! And I love it! I think I'm having a 'mid-life crisis'! Am I? Here's part of the definition:


For the approximately 10% of middle aged adults who go through an age-related midlife crisis, the condition is most common ranging from the ages of 40-60 (a large study in the 1990s[5] found that the average age at onset of a self-described midlife crisis was 46). Midlife crises last about 3–10 years in men and 2–5 years in women. A midlife crisis could be caused by aging itself, or aging in combination with changes, problems, or regrets over:

*work or career (or lack thereof)
*spousal relationships (or lack thereof)
*maturation of children (or lack thereof)
*aging or death of parents
*physical changes associated with aging

Midlife crises seem to affect men and women differently. Researchers[6] have proposed that the triggers for midlife crisis differ between men and women, with male midlife crisis more likely to be caused by work issues.
Some have hypothesized that another cause of the male midlife crisis is the imminent menopause of the female partner and end of her reproductive career.[7]


Insecurities go so far as to affixing the badge of an expensive sports car to a cheaper one, in an attempt to convey a false sense of success.
Individuals experiencing a midlife crisis have some of these feelings:

*search of an undefined dream or goal
*a deep sense of remorse for goals not accomplished
*a fear of humiliation among more successful colleagues
*desire to achieve a feeling of youthfulness
*need to spend more time alone or with certain peers

They exhibit some of these behaviors:

*abuse of alcohol
*acquisition of unusual or expensive items such as motorbikes, boats, clothing, sports cars, jewelry, gadgets, tattoos, piercings, etc.
*blaming themselves for their failures
*paying special attention to physical appearance such as covering baldness, wearing youthful designer clothes, etc.
*entering relationships with younger people (either/or sexual, professional, parental, etc.)
*placing overimportance (and possibly a psychologically damaging amount) on their children to excel in areas such as sports, arts, or academics

Yikes! I'm 44 - is that "middle age"? Should I mention I want a tattoo? And I want to skydive (can't do that one because of vertigo)? And I want to buy a jeep? And I want to lose 70 lbs.? And I desire to be hip & mod? And suddenly I want to go, go, go, do, do, do & purchase, purchase, purchase?

This could get interesting! And expensive!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Coco & her bikini!

Strong possibility you may desire some brain bleach after this.

I'm kind of at a loss for words.

And I'm kind of LOL'ing.

I keep trying to think of things to type, but I'm at a loss.

Lets discuss, shall we?

I agree. Lets don't & pretend we did.

But seriously. Do people own mirrors?

Thanks celebuzz for the image. Or not.

This is your life!

Source: via Lisa on Pinterest

Thanks Lisa! Love it. ♥