Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Technology overdose - time to take a step back.

Below is a post I did today on my Facebook page. Thought I would share it here, too. It refers to an article (link below) that I saw via the ever so popular - internet.


This is so disturbing. We are in a full-blown technology epidemic (my opinion) & it's disgusting. Of course technology has it's pros - but what's disturbing to me is the 'unaware habit' everyone has developed. And I'm just as guilty as the next person. Or, I was. Honestly, I'm tired of the computer. I'm tired of my phone. I'm tired of telling my kids "hang on just one sec". I'm not tired. I'm actually exhausted from it all.

Life is so busy & I've taken a step back. I've said it a million times - life is to live! I'm still going to post & I'm still going to search recipes (way more than posting) but as I do many times, I'm simplifying. My kids have 5.5 days of school left & I'm ready for summer. I will be spending my summer with them, not technology. I already have a summer to-do list started & it contains things such as playing in the rain & making smores out back around a fire pit I've yet to build. But I'm going to. And I'm going to paint some bedrooms with them & shop at Goodwill to find fun treasures - I'm alive - why am I not purposely living?

Why are we not purposely living? What kind of message am I sending my children? If I can help you - take a look. Take a look at what you can do to live out loud. Take a look & see what you can step back from. Take a look into the future & visualize all the things you'll look back on one day. What do you see?

I encourage you to 'look' at this article. You don't need to read it, as the photos speak for themselves. Is this you? It was me. Maybe not to this extent, but enough for me to realize - why is my phone even at the dinner table? Someone will call me if there's an emergency.

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