Thursday, April 15, 2010

A sweet, very unexpected gift.

I ♥ the internet for many reasons. But the main reason? The amazing friends I have met. I just adore all of my friendships that have developed due to modern technology. You know I am a people person. I ♥ people. And I simply ♥ meeting new friends.
Anytime someone visits my blog & leaves a comment, I try oh so diligently to visit their blog, return the favor, & say thank you. Because comments mean so very much to me & I know they do to others, too. I appreciate so much every single comment.
A few weeks ago, Launa visited my blog & left a sweet comment. I began regularly visiting her blog & leaving her comments. One particular day, she had a post about a cute recipe notebook her sister had sent her. Being the humorous girl I am (baha!), I left a comment asking if she'd make me a copy. Oh I know. I just kill myself. ;o)
You know what? She did!

I tried to explain to this sweet girl that I was only joking! Didn't phase her. Look what she did!

When I opened it, I was amazed. First of all, it's cute as all get out! Second, she spent her time & her money creating this for me! Someone she didn't even know. I mean really, it didn't take me long to discover what kind of heart she possesses. :)

It had the nicest note stuck in the front pocket. She filled the notebook with a few of her favorite recipes & put stickies, with some notes, on some of the pages! A girl after my own heart. I ♥ post-it-notes. And she has just the cutest handwriting! (I didn't tell her I noticed that little detail. :)

For me, this is what life's all about. Meeting new friends. Sharing & laughing & building relationships. Having fun. Appreciating. Enjoying. You know, those simple things I like to mention. And if it all happens via some crazy technology called the internet - who cares! Life is short. Soak it in. Grasp it & run with it no matter how it happens to come your way. Ü

I so appreciate Launa & what she did for me. So incredibly sweet! I'll be sending her a little thank you. Even though she told me not to. 'Cause I don't like being told what to do. Teehee. ;o)

Now go visit her blog, look at her darling children & leave a sweet comment. And maybe, just maybe, she'll make you a recipe notebook, too! Kidding! LOL :)

Go meet a new friend!

Happy Friday! Ü

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Launa said...

You are so funny!! hope you enjoy it!!!