Saturday, June 5, 2010

Garage saling - score!

Typically I'm not a garage saler. I do some drive-bys, but that's about the extent of it. But today? I got ambitious! I went garage saling & got out of my car. LOL Kind of makes a difference! I have been totally inspired by Thrify Decor Chick, as well as Destiny, so by george I was determined to go out today & score some home decor. And score I did - look! Ü

I am just so darn tickled pink, I'm ready to go again! Woot! I'll break it down -

Wood chair - $8.00, I bargained & paid $7. I am all about wooden chairs right now; I have a feeling our home is going to be filled with them.

Mirror - $4.00 - excellent quality. I was going to paint and/or chalkboard it for Jaguar's room - but I placed it on my server in front of a large, silk, green plant & it looks quite pretty! May leave it alone.

Metal/tin canister - $2.00 - I ♥ these! I will fill it with tall, sophisticated, silk flowers & may place in my master bathroom.

Tiny basket - .25 - I am not a basket person; I have sold tons of baskets myself over the years at my own garage sales. However, people are now spray painting them - so I bought this for Mercedes' room & she can put jewlery and/or hair accessories in it. I'll paint it pretty.

2 raw candlesticks - $7.00 for both, I bargained & paid $5. They are ready to be painted! Love candles & ♥ candlesticks, so these are perfect!

Total = $18.25! I am just giddy!

The first garage sale I pulled up at? Had the most perfect turtle sandbox for sale. LOL Just my luck! ;o)


Destiny said...

OMGoodness!!! That is awesome!!!! I think I'll take it all thank! Is it not SOOOO fun! Getting stuff for two and four dollars! lol!!!

Launa said...

Nice job!! Wish I could joined ya... but even if I lived close going to a garage sell with my little guy sounds miserable... I guess I'll have to give him another couple months!!

Family "Q" said...

That's great! I NEVER EVER have that great of luck with garage sale or sales in general...but like Destiny says, when you do score, you score BIG!!!

LoneStarLifer Paula said...

Oh man, I've been looking for a chair like you got. Someone gave Little J a desk and he has it in his bedroom. The chair opening is narrow and we don't have a chair that fits! Good for you.